Hiring HVAC Specialists: A How-To Guide

HVAC issues can be some of the most serious you’ll face as a homeowner. But what if you aren’t sure how to hire the right fixers for the job? Here are just four tips for getting your money’s worth.

1. Check Their Credentials

Look for things like state licensure and industry-specific accreditation. You might also want to ask about professional memberships to groups like the ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) or the Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA).

2. Get An Estimate

Request a quote as soon as they’re done evaluating your home. If it’s too much, and they aren’t willing to haggle, you’ll know you have to move on to find more competitive pricing. You should also feel free to make them wait while you compare and contrast their prices with other companies in your area.

3. Read Their Reviews

The most honest assessment you can receive is from previous customers. Not only will they be able to tell you about the company’s service, but they’ll also provide an on-the-ground picture of their friendliness, professionalism and punctuality.

4. Ask About Their Guarantees

What kind of warranties do they offer? What kind of liability coverage do they have in the event of an accident? No one wants to think about these things, but they do happen, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

These are just four tips for hiring HVAC specialists. Click here to get more information about the products and services offered by trained repairmen.

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A New Gift: Jewels Are Not Set in Steel

Many people love their rings and necklaces as the stones represent something special in their lives. In a lot of instances, the settings for the gems themselves can become worn and damaged over time. Instead of buying a new piece of jewelry for that special someone in your life, why not have the jewel moved into a new setting?

Removing the Gems

Stone removal takes more than just a screwdriver and a flashlight. The slightest scratch in the surface of the gem could greatly reduce its value. When it comes time to remove the jewel in order to set it in another piece, always use professional services such as those offered by JRGInc.com. It could mean the difference between owning a $1200 ring and a $75 ring. Imperfections could cause a significant drop in value and you wouldn’t want to be responsible for that kind of damage.

The New Setting

Once the gem has been pulled from its original setting, you can then have it installed in a wide array of pieces. Most jewelers will have an incredible assortment of new sets, and some may also offer custom designs based on your ideas. Necklaces, rings, earrings and more can be easily made from the gem you had removed.

Virtually any jewel can be removed from it’s position safely. It takes a steady hand and the right tools to do it without damaging the surface. Using professional services can protect the value of the stone while allowing you to create something completely different with the gem itself.

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Pet Boarding Can Be Luxurious

When you have to leave your pet, you will have peace of mind if you know it is going to a “pet resort” with amazing amenities that will make that “special member of your family” feel like royalty!

A luxury “pet hotel” or pet boarding will provide amazing ways for your pet to enjoy its stay. Climate-controlled surroundings, premium meals twice a day, deluxe bedding, walks and potty breaks, group play, a super friendly staff, and much more is offered as standard amenities for dogs.

Cats can be housed in a standard or a window penthouse condo with multiple play levels, twice a day premium meals, luxury bedding, and the same optional services of private fun play and exercise sessions, massage and brushing, bedtime stories, tuck-ins, and others.

Treats for dogs can include a rubber toy stuffed with a treat, frozen ice cream, or even peanut butter pupcakes!

Treats for cats may include a tuna treat and a catnip toy.

If your pet happens to be there on its birthday, it can be given a “pawty” with balloons, decorations, a birthday gift, and a custom-made framed photo to preserve the memories of your pet’s special day.

One of the best “perks” of this experience is that you can keep an eye on your pet with an online pet webcam! Additionally, you can have photos emailed to you! You will know that your beloved pet is happy and is being well taken care of.

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Little Jamie in my Tummy

If things had been different, I would have loved the maternity shoot to be over and done with in the second trimester of my pregnancy. It was during that time when I had never felt so good and my annoying zits and acne suddenly stopped showing up. Like most pregnant women, second trimester was the best time! I was big enough to “look” pregnant but not too big to feel uncomfortable. My tummy was nicely growing bigger which would have been perfect at that stage for a Maternity Shoot.

However, we were confronted with life’s issues and challenges; we were left with very little choice so we had to do what we ought to do. When we slowly settled in, that’s when we realized we had not even prepared much about things for our little Sweetheart.

For a first time Mum-to-be, I have always wanted to document our little angel in my tummy which we decided to name Jamie by the way, regardless of gender (a separate blogpost on this later). Though a Maternity Shoot is not a necessity, I have always believed that photographs are the best keepsake I could ever have with my first pregnancy. And like any other “firsts” in ones life, it is always worth capturing and remembering forever.

With that in mind, it was only when our little sweetheart Jamie turned 28 weeks and I began to feel the baby kicks with greater frequency and intensity that the feeling became so real to me. I have truly embraced this pregnancy! That’s when I felt the need to organize things for the shoot.

We felt very lucky and blessed that suppliers came in handy. Our hearts are truly overflowing with gratitude and appreciation to these amazing people for making the Maternity Shoot possible:

Her generosity and kindness is outstanding. She went out of her way to accompany me two weeks before the shoot to look for outfits that would fit the preggy me. I have been in deep dilemma on finding the perfect size of clothes and shoes. Nothing seems to fit me right! Having someone around to shop made it so much easier. Not only did she spent time with me but she also insisted on paying for the boho dress- that is simply generosity at its best! She also volunteered to repair the knitted green top so it wouldn’t hang loose on my arms. She did the sewing by hand. Her act of kindness is sincerely appreciated!

She is my bridesmaid who performed the role of a Maid of Honor in our wedding. She volunteered to do my hair and make-up for the shoot to spare us from paying someone heftily. She definitely saved our day! She painstakingly took time to perform a trial make-up a day before the shoot. She did a marvelous job!


She was assisted by her Sis-in-Law, Susie. I couldn’t be anymore grateful to these lovelies for giving me enough confidence to smile for the camera despite feeling ugly and fat at 31 weeks.

The proprietress of Decors and Motifs, Sis Maureen, is a personal friend with a big heart. I was over the moon when she happily expressed that she is gonna style the shoot’s backdrop with a Vintage Garden High Tea setup. I thought that was it. But like the wonderful person that she is, she also provided the floral crown using the finest range of silk flowers for my Boho outfit and the silk bouquet of flowers for the Vintage outfit. She went above and beyond in helping us do the shoot in style! Not only was the indoor shoot done at the showroom in the comfort of her own beautiful home, but she also allowed us to use parts of her house for the shoot. What a beautiful person she is! I am simply lost for words for all the help she has been extending to us!

I am personally impressed by Bro. Michaael’s portfolio. I can never thank him enough for his time, patience, and for unselfishly sharing his gift. Admittedly, I was his first in his Maternity portfolio but no one would have an inkling it’s his first time to capture a bump of a pregnant woman. He did the job masterfully!

I have to commend him for always being there for me. Despite the stress and drama brought about by my “pregnant brain” (haha!), he made himself available and was always ready to smile for the camera when his presence was needed. I love him even more not only for being my official driver by default to and from our shoot locations, but also for helping me out in everything especially in the midst of all my discomforts, aches, and pains.

The outpouring of love, help, and support from all these beautiful and amazing people had made the Maternity Shoot all the more possible. Though things had not turned out as initially planned on the day itself, all’s well that ends well. I could only be grateful that these maternity photographs were beautifully captured at 31 weeks of my pregnancy.

Here are some of my personal favorites (Warning! Picture overload ahead!). I took the liberty to do my own edits. Please take note that pictures were handed over to me raw and unedited. Proper credit goes out to Michael Billanes Photography.

Vintage High Tea Garden styled by Decors and Motifs

Vintage High Tea Garden styled by Decors and Motifs

As you continue to browse through each of these photographs, please keep our little family in your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery as the Beginning of Our Journey to Parenthood is yet to unfold.










My beautiful bump at 31 weeks

My beautiful bump at 31 weeks






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There is Unity…in T-shirts

There are reasons that t-shirts are used for awareness walks, family reunions, live events and more. These special pieces of apparel have a way of uniting individuals like no other item of clothing can. There are a few key ways that t-shirts help people to come together.

Bring Enlightenment
T-shirts are sometimes used as a way to bring awareness to particular topics or causes. They are also utilized as a form of advertisement. By having the t-shirts say a pertinent message and them being worn in certain areas, they can serve as an outlet of information.

Spread the Message
T-shirts are a perfect medium to spread a message globally, because it is quite simple to ship a t-shirt anywhere in the world. Not only do they share a particular message, but they do so in different areas that may not have otherwise been exposed to the information.

Make People Smile
One of the most common universally recognized symbols is a smile. Happiness transcends all nationalities, races, creeds and genders. Happy or joking t-shirts can bring joy into individuals’ days, which often becomes contagious and creates a ripple effect.

In short, t-shirts can bring enlightenment about different subjects, spread a message around the world, and spread joy through making people smile. In doing any or a combination of these things, t-shirts bring unity amongst people every single day.

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