Clever Choice

My brothers’ acquisition of moog mp 201 helped them hugely in sequencing their music in every performances on stage. It was a clever choice! It makes a difference in creating quality music to their audience which they certainly do deserve.

Kuerdas Band is still in Boracay Island at the moment for a few months’ stint yet again. Their passion for music has never been outgrown since the band’s formation in 2004.

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Finding The Best Hotel Room Deals In London

If you’re planning a trip to London, you’d be well advised to make all of the necessary arrangements quite a while in advance. It’s not because there will be any lack of hotel rooms in this great city – quite the contrary. London is a bustling modern metropolis, filled with millions of people, both resident and tourist.

There’s No Time To Lose

But if you want to get the best possible price on the best possible room, you’d better get a move on, because the best deals always go fast. There’s an old saying, “To the victor goes the spoil”, and this is never more true than when you’re trying to arrange and reserve a great travel package for your vacation or business trip. And when the destination is a world class travel spot like London, you’d better be in a hurry if you want to get the ultimate deal!

How Can You Arrange The Best Possible Travel Deal?

Would you like to save money on hotels in London? You’d be a fool to answer no. After all, even the richest 1 percent of the world’s jet setting class are always on the lookout for the best possible deal. When it comes to arranging your ideal travel package, it pays to be “in the know” concerning where to get that golden deal. But how can you know where to turn to, and how can you be sure you’re getting a deal that’s truly second to none?

The Internet Is The Place To Shop

When it comes to 21st century shopping, the Internet is the logical venue. You no longer have to browse through tattered and dusty old travel brochures in order to find the best deal. Thanks to the Internet, you can quickly punch in a search term for “London hotel rooms”, and a thousand options will immediately spring to mind. However, there is one particular website where you really can get the best possible London hotel room deal.

Hipmunk: Where The Travel Action Is

Put simply, Hipmunk is the foremost spot on the Internet where you can find all of the latest and best deals on hotel rooms and other travel package deals. If you’re looking for an excellent room in a convenient location that won’t break your budget, log on to the official company website at today, and see for yourself what they can do for you.

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Miscarriage: The Pain and Grief of Losing a Precious Baby

It was the same day today last year when our hearts were stricken with grief and painful loss.

I can only count in my fingers the number of people who have grieved with us and shared our pains when we lost our first baby in April 2014.

I have been meaning to write about this when my heart is ready. I aim of giving comfort and emotional support to the parents who have had or is undergoing the same plight like we’ve had. If you have never walked our shoes, you will never get to understand what it was like. Those who have had successful, smooth and uneventful pregnancies cannot understand either. They don’t understand being scared to sneeze, pee, walk down the block without being terrified.

If you are reading this and you’ve also went through a miscarriage, let me tell you that you’re such a strong woman! Please allow me to reassure you that it was not about something you did or didn’t do that caused the loss. It’s nature’s way of getting rid of something that’s never really meant for us.

You are not alone. I know from the minute you learned of your pregnancy, you have imagined yourself of becoming a mother to a beautiful baby but it’s never gonna happen in the 9-month time as it was earlier anticipated because of miscarriage. But if it is of any consolation at all, at least you are now aware that you are capable of getting pregnant. In God’s time, when you and your body is ready, infanticipating will just be around the corner once again.

I have heard of some people who may have sounded to “know-it-all”; saying you-should-have-done-this-you-should-have-done-that loads of bull; but believe me, you never deserve such kind of “guilt-tripping” from anyone and making you feel that you are such a failure. Some women were even subjected to listening to the inquisitor’s advice and suggestions as to what they should be doing to move things along.

Looking back, two Doctors confirmed on my 9th-week sonogram that our baby stopped growing and it was not a viable pregnancy. They explained that when something goes wrong in pregnancy, it is bound to happen and your body’s gonna detect it sooner or later and it will eventually find its way to getting rid of it, thus the miscarriage. Miscarriage in early pregnancy is quite common- 1 out of 5 women- yet we don’t hear much about it because not too many talk about it. It may be from privacy issues or women fearing judgments.

Perfectly understandable.

My first pregnancy was not easy and my HCG levels showed as early as 7 weeks that I may miscarry.

HCG levels dropping down

HCG levels dropping down

Imagine our favorite Doctor bluntly saying that right to our faces! It’s like the entire world was on us! It was devastating! But we never lost hope. We prayed for a miracle and never gave up. Countless tests were done and each time HCG levels came back and results showed it’s dropping, I could only break down and cry.

For my case, I’ve chosen my body to do it’s own course. It was a personal choice that I thought best for my well being. No need for a D&C even when I was given a D&C referral by my Doctor. The wait was incredibly longer- almost one long agonizing month but it was the best choice I have ever made. At least, I wouldn’t have to go under the knife.

I would have never wanted to go back and recount the painful ordeal of losing our precious angel. But for the sake of giving comfort and emotional support to those who are in the same plight right now, I can only look back with so much strength and courage. It was not an easy path to take but under distress, it proved our strength and faith as a couple.

I am aware that not too many people are willing to talk about the grieving and the loss. We ourselves preferred to grieve in silence. But in the midst of our pains and struggles, I vowed that I am gonna lift the spirits up of those who have lost their precious angels once I have bounced back and when my heart is completely ready. I realized that the more open and transparent I remained, the more I find true friends who truly supported me in my ordeal and who reassured me that I have their backs no matter what. I am now at a place where I chose to share some of my life’s struggles, downfalls, pains, joys, and blessings without feeling shame and fear of judgments because I have learned that our lives should be a living testimony and it is always for God’s greater glory.

From my mother with love

From my mother with love

A friend at work

A friend at work

She has been a reliable friend

She has been a reliable friend


SMS from my Manager at work.

SMS from my Manager at work.

During the darkest moments, I gained strength from God and my husband who had always been there all the way; some friends who were willing to share the pains with me; and people who were unknown to me but offered encouragement and support by virtue of their articles online. In similar fashion, I would like to pay it forward. In one way or the other, they have helped me have my confidence back in myself through their powerful and encouraging articles.

Two months after the painful and unimaginable loss, we were over the moon when I fell pregnant for the second time in a span of one year after a heartbreaking miscarriage. It is quite hard to calm our nerves down after such a heart-wrenching ordeal.

a friend trying to calm my nerves down

A friend trying to calm my nerves down




My husband and I hoped and prayed unceasingly that once we reach the 16th or even beyond the 20th week mark, we can relax just the slightest little bit. In the strangest most non-sensical way, I was highly anxious and scared to the core that if I let my guard down for the tiniest piece of a moment, everything will come crashing down on me again and I’ll find myself miscarrying again.

But everything manifests at the right place, the right time, and the right way. We just have to keep putting one foot infront of the other and God will always respond to our spoken and unspoken prayers just like He did with ours.

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Hiring HVAC Specialists: A How-To Guide

HVAC issues can be some of the most serious you’ll face as a homeowner. But what if you aren’t sure how to hire the right fixers for the job? Here are just four tips for getting your money’s worth.

1. Check Their Credentials

Look for things like state licensure and industry-specific accreditation. You might also want to ask about professional memberships to groups like the ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) or the Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA).

2. Get An Estimate

Request a quote as soon as they’re done evaluating your home. If it’s too much, and they aren’t willing to haggle, you’ll know you have to move on to find more competitive pricing. You should also feel free to make them wait while you compare and contrast their prices with other companies in your area.

3. Read Their Reviews

The most honest assessment you can receive is from previous customers. Not only will they be able to tell you about the company’s service, but they’ll also provide an on-the-ground picture of their friendliness, professionalism and punctuality.

4. Ask About Their Guarantees

What kind of warranties do they offer? What kind of liability coverage do they have in the event of an accident? No one wants to think about these things, but they do happen, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

These are just four tips for hiring HVAC specialists. Click here to get more information about the products and services offered by trained repairmen.

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A New Gift: Jewels Are Not Set in Steel

Many people love their rings and necklaces as the stones represent something special in their lives. In a lot of instances, the settings for the gems themselves can become worn and damaged over time. Instead of buying a new piece of jewelry for that special someone in your life, why not have the jewel moved into a new setting?

Removing the Gems

Stone removal takes more than just a screwdriver and a flashlight. The slightest scratch in the surface of the gem could greatly reduce its value. When it comes time to remove the jewel in order to set it in another piece, always use professional services such as those offered by It could mean the difference between owning a $1200 ring and a $75 ring. Imperfections could cause a significant drop in value and you wouldn’t want to be responsible for that kind of damage.

The New Setting

Once the gem has been pulled from its original setting, you can then have it installed in a wide array of pieces. Most jewelers will have an incredible assortment of new sets, and some may also offer custom designs based on your ideas. Necklaces, rings, earrings and more can be easily made from the gem you had removed.

Virtually any jewel can be removed from it’s position safely. It takes a steady hand and the right tools to do it without damaging the surface. Using professional services can protect the value of the stone while allowing you to create something completely different with the gem itself.

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