What a Bummer!

That moment when I dragged my family very early in the morning to meet up a friend who originally hail from my hometown- General Santos City. We were supposed to pick her up along with her husband at their hotel, my husband offered to drive them to the airport, and spend some time for breakky before their departure back to the Philippines from their New Zealand holiday.

 photo image_14.png

We had to wake up our son at 4:15am so we can get there on time! 😩

Sounds like a plan, right?

 photo image_27.jpeg

My two lovely boys were all set! My husband had to drive an hour one way to get to the City 🙀

But just when we were only 15 minutes away from the hotel they were supposed to be staying at, I informed her that we were actually close; but I was told this:

“Hey, it’s not today. It’s tomorrow!”

And I was like: WTH!!! 😁

It was my bad! I wasn’t precise. I failed to take into account that my friend is spending a lovely holiday with her family. I should have double- checked and counter- checked everything.

It was a shame!

Everything was nicely planned in my head and it all went for naught!

My husband asked:

“How could you miss something as important as this”?

But later on backtracked and retorted:

It’s OK, I am not angry. These things happen. Don’t feel upset.”


I felt so utterly useless and unforgivingly stupid. But thanks to my darling husband who, as always, tried to calm my nerves down and pacified my turmoiled emotion. We had to make a detour and go back home.

It was such a bad start for a weekend we so looked forward to. I take responsibility for wrecking it all. I am hoping what’s left of it won’t be such a waste.

So help me God!

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Slowly On the Mend

I quite don’t know where to start. The past week had been a rather stressful time for us. We frantically rushed our son to the hospital at midnight of Wednesday for vomitting issues; I felt terrified and didn’t exactly know what to do.

 photo image_12.png

At the hospital

We weren’t sent home until he ceased vomiting while ingesting hydralite. We got home almost noon time the next day. We felt like zombies for not having a shut-eye.

And just when we thought he was completely on the mend, he kept defecating yesterday which raised the alarm to the roofs. Apparently, there’s a tummy bug which tore through our area as confirmed by our GP; unfortunately, my son wasn’t spared.

Thanks to flexible working places like mine; I was able to work from home while attending to my sick son.

If it is any consolation at all, he wasn’t too bad; he’s still the usual cheeky baby boy that does silly things.

 photo image_11.png

After purchasing his Hydralite today, we had a quick stop at a small playground

We were told by our GP that it will take 2-3 weeks for his old self to go back to normal such as his usual appetite and his happy, jovial mood.

 photo image_10.png

Mum and son

I am hoping that this week, my son will have his complete recovery by God’s grace.

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How Motherhood Has Changed Me

Motherhood has primarily changed everything in my life and largely, in ways I did not expect. It altered my perspectives and thought processes. I used to be driven and motivated by my own needs and wants; but now I must admit that they mostly revolve around my child’s needs.

 photo image_9.png

With my son after the Sunday worship service

God knows how I have worked harder to be more patient, thoughtful, kind, caring, and gentle. I did not realise how selfish I was until motherhood showed me how selfless I can be.

I am not always successful at living by those virtues but I’d like to believe that I am better than I used to be. Make no mistake about it; I am far from perfect but I certainly am a work in progress everyday.

Motherhood has also helped me to relate better to anything about children. My instincts have sharpened and my spirit has strengthened. Similarly, being a mother has helped me to better understand and emphatize with my very own mother. However, I regret that I haven’t been a perfect daughter.😩 But that would be another story.

Truly, I cannot imagine what my life would be like had I not had a child. I have always wished and prayed to become a mother and God has been so good to grant one of my heart’s desires. It’s indeed one of the most beautiful blessings that God has graciously bestowed on me.

The intensity of the love that I feel for my child is simply indescribable. I could not fathom its depth and I could not find the perfect adjectives to describe how he has actually made me feel. I feel blessed and challenged as a mother!

Motherhood is the most rewarding, awful, beautiful, heartbreaking, awesome, horrible, joyous thing imaginable that has ever happened to me and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in this world!

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Feeling Under the Weather

My son was feeling under the weather since the weekend. I decided to stay home today so I can closely look after him. It’s what they call carer’s leave; it is designed to help an employee deal with personal illness, caring responsibilities, family emergencies, and the death or serious illness of close family members, as per Australian Government Fair Work Ombudsman.

Anyhow, my little boy had a bit of a sleep in- he woke up quite late at 30 minutes past 8. He was still the happy baby that I know when he woke up. I let him play outdoors for a bit just so he can have some sunshine.

 photo image.png

 photo image_1.png

He loves to stare at the birds while pointing at them and blurting out: “Ooohh and ahhh”! His incessant blabbering made me think that he will be speaking in no time. That sure will be an exciting milestone!

He also loves running like a carefree child! He loves watching the cars from across the road and have the same reaction when he sees the birds in the sky.

 photo image_2.png

 photo image_5.png

 photo image_3.png

I can only heave a sigh of relief because despite the bad case of cold and dry cough, he didn’t get any fever and he remains to be such a happy boy.

 photo image_4.png

He saw this yellow flower on the ground and suddenly exclaimed: “WOW!”
I was amazed when he bent over and touched it!

I ushered him back in the house as soon as I felt the strong gust of cold wind touching our skins. He had a pretty good nap in the afternoon. He needed that after all the playing and running he did earlier.

I am sure he will feel better in no time as he had been in the past. He’s such a fighter from the start! 🙂

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A Birthday Tribute To You, Ate V a.k.a. Star Chuu!

Dearest Ate V,

Today is another blessed day for you. As you recount God’s numerous blessings, let me also recount the ways you have touched my life in one way or another.

Remember the first time I have had my first encounter with you at the COMELEC office? I was then working for a Non-Government Organisation and our short exchange of pleasantries was rather friendly. I had no inkling then that you’d soon be my “partner in crime”; be that in the execution of my daily duties as a public servant or otherwise. We may have frictions every now and then but they were minor; and I see to it that I look up to you not only as the alterego of the Boss but also as my “Big Ate”; you have my respect being my senior.

But let’s not talk about age. Let’s talk about how good you were to me.

 photo image_22.jpeg

I saw how some were treating you like crap and you felt less respected. You cried a river for some petty and not so petty issues. I have been a witness on how dirty “politics” can play in such an environment. It’s sad. Our daily struggle was real as we fell prey to all sorts of gossipmongering and fault- finding environment and we felt that if at all, we were acknowledged for our effort and dedication, there was never any mention.

These were all a thing of the past but I vividly remembered these paved the way for us to get strongly bonded and connected. As you whinged about your ordeals, I showed you compassion and empathy; and you offered me similar support when I was on the same path as a neophyte in public service. I am not known to kiss anyone’s ass but I will always thank you for encouraging me, for keeping me strong, for always giving me that gentle nudge and push when the goings get tough. You spoke so highly of me and I always had your back. I felt your support all the way through; I felt encouraged, motivated; I felt bravery in times of cowardice. You have always lifted my spirits up.

We ultimately got even more connected when we shared the same interests. I was able to encourage you to blog and that’s when our friendship reached a notch higher! Seeing each other everyday at work was never enough; we had to continuously support each other virtually through our blogs. Isn’t that so amazing?

We led an active lifestyle by going to our badminton sessions almost every night; we scheduled out-of-the-country trips together. I was grateful when you acted like my Mum, “Ate”, and friend all rolled into one when you protected my petite and fragile stature by volunteering to lift my heavy and overloaded baggages; yes! How can I forget it?

You were ever so willing to take on those little tasks that I can’t find the time to perform; you were always ready to assist in every way; in the most unselfish and dedicated fashion.

How can I not laugh at your hilarious antics especially when you were trying to speak using the English vernacular? I don’t need to expound more as you know what I mean. Haha!

I miss the way you shared with me your nightmares and dreams from the night before and out of curiousity and for fun, we both look up its meanings by Googling and we ended up delving deeper into the issues in our lives.

You touched the very core of my being when you took the time to see me one last time at the Gensan Airport to offer your prayers; just a couple of minutes before my boarding time and READ: you almost missed me as I was already queueing up going inside the departure lounge.

You have my full admiration as you have been a wonderful single Mummy to your kids especially to your unica hija Vyne, a great daughter to your loving “Mamang”, a dear sister to your siblings, and a caring and beautiful friend to anyone you know.

You may be unaware of it but you have made such a big impact in my life. I thank the Lord for the blessing of meeting and knowing you; paving for friendship and sisterhood to blossom in more ways I can ever imagine.

May God continue to bless you in the same way that you have blessed my life.

Happiest birthday! I miss and love you!


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