When Boys Become Men

Men have many responsibilities in their lives. In most households, they are expected to be the breadwinner and provider. It is their job to make sure the bills are paid. Besides financial responsibilities, men have many other things that are expected of them in terms of being a husband and father. The more preparation that men have at an early age for these responsibilities, the more success they will have. There are many ways you can use to go about getting young men prepared for life. Some of them are more practical than others. Here are a few of the best ideas.

1. Join the Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America has been around for decades. It has served as a positive influence on young men, allowing them to make friends, learn skills, follow orders and become leaders. There is no downside to being a member of the Boy Scouts. Many grown men look back on their time in the scouts and say that is was a very positive influence on them. In fact, many men credit their time in the Boy Scouts with shaping the type of men they are today.

2. Send them to a boot camp for teens

In some cases, young men in their teens will demonstrate certain types of behavior that require professional assistance. If a child is being disrespectful, disobedient, rude, cruel or has any other type of behavioral issue, they would greatly benefit from a stay at a boot camp for teenagers. These places are usually located in rural locations so the environment does not contain any distractions that could get in the way of your son’s education. Before sending your son to a boot camp, be sure to investigate it thoroughly. The Wood Creek Academy has been teaching young men to be responsible adults for many years. Their site can be found at www.woodcreekacademy.com.

3. Have them perform volunteer work

It is often important for a young man to see how fortunate he is. Having him volunteer at a homeless shelter will allow him to see firsthand what homeless people need to go through on a daily basis. This will help your young man develop compassion towards those who are less fortunate than he is. There are many places your son can volunteer. This type of work will be a valuable life experience that he will carry with him as he reaches adulthood.

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All Things Fall Into Place

The bliss of parental leave is over and I had officially reentered the workforce last week. On my first day, I had to get a hang of things at our new work location.

New work building

New work building

They had to get me set up on my first day as my previous account was disabled. Access to work emails, programs, and facilities were successfully done. There were minor glitches here and there but they were swiftly addressed to by the Service Desk. They had me get up to speed at work in no time.

I was on Parental Leave for close to half a year. The transition period from being the primary carer of my first born to being a full-time working Mum is such a massive challenge. It was also a very emotional time for transition. I am floored by how much I kept thinking of my delicious and beautiful little boy while I was at work and to say that I missed him tremendously is an understatement.

We are blessed that we still got my Mum to render assistance to us for the time being. It kept my mind generally at peace and calm. The big transition is still contained at the moment but once my Mum goes back to the Philippines, that’s when the real big challenge begins. We would have to deal with it sooner or later.

It helped hugely that my new work location is now closer to home. It means less time for travel and more time spent with my family. It’s also flexi-time for me. The most beautiful thing of all is that I can work from home once a week.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 8.47.03 pm

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 8.47.46 pm

That means I can work even on my pajamas and without having the need to take a shower. LOL! Seriously, it is a very important aspect of my job especially now that I have literally embraced to be a full-time working mother head on.

Surprisingly, motherhood changed me in ways I had never anticipated. Suffice it to say that for now, my goal is to create a balance in every aspect of our family life for the welfare and best interest of our first born. It will never be easy but “Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason (Albert Schweitzer).”

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Family Connections Made Easy

Your family is everything, the most precious gift you will ever have. Material objects come and go. Life is fleeting. You have to make the most of every moment with your loved ones. The ReunionBusiness.com knows how important your family members are and how difficult it can be to remain in touch when you become scattered across the nation or have loved ones at the far reaches of the globe. With the Reunion Business, you can establish a family web site that enables you to coordinate a family reunion. Here is one central location where everyone can check in on the details, making it easier for your extended family to come together for this special occasion.

One Site to Pull it Together
Planning a family reunion can be daunting. There are so many responsibilities that need to be taken care of when you are coordinating a gathering for a large group of people. The Reunion Business provides you with the resources to simplify the process. Find helpful videos for choosing your activities, how to organize your reunion, and make use of a family reunion planner. Find resources that will help you to manage the financial aspect of your family reunion. Enable loved ones to confirm registration and order any gifts that are a part of your event. With the help of the Reunion Business and a family web site, you will be well on your way to creating a successful event.

Membership is Free for the First Year
One of the greatest advantages of working with the Renovation Business is your free membership for one year. You have access to all of the helpful tools that are made available to make your family website work and can spare yourself the hassle of added expenses. The Reunion Business is dedicated to offering you the resources you need to allow you and your family members the opportunity to come together with ease.

Make Memories to Last a Lifetime
A family reunion will enrich the lives of every member of the family that manages to attend. It’s your opportunity to catch up on the latest news, take pictures, and hear stories that go way back. Allow the young generation to mingle with the old as you band together for a brief moment in time. Thanks to the Reunion Business, you can make your family reunion happen.

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Proudly Filipino

I have been putting off for too long my little boy’s birth registration at the Philippine Consulate. I was able to finally overcome the bad habit of procrastination when I accomplished it this week.

We had to start the day as early as possible because the Consulate does business only until 1PM, for the receipt of documents, that is. With a baby in tow, it was not easy.

However, the train trek was fast and smooth. Arrival to our destination was delayed for quite a bit though; I must admit, I have no sense of direction. LOL! I had been to the Consulate twice but I could not remember at all where exactly its location. I kept checking my map to make sure we were heading in the right direction. I had to ask a few people too. I was skeptical if we’d ever make it on time but I thank the high heavens that we did!

The transaction proved to be quicker than I thought. It was hassle- free! Thanks to my husband who made sure all documentations were complete prior to lodgement.

When we were done, it was only but fitting to capture that special moment of my son.


It’s a shame I was not able to capture a more decent photograph of him.


It was a momentous moment for me. I have done my part as a Filipino mother. My son is half Filipino and it was now made legal and binding.

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My Baby Love’s Crying Fits

I have unashamedly shared my little baby love’s first smiles, oohs, ahhs, coos, and gurgles. This time, please allow me to share how he wails nonstop especially prior to sleeping time.

As we know, babies cry for a variety of reasons. This is their only means of communication to their carers.


In this video image, his Lola tried her best to soothe his tears and exercised her settling skills to no avail. Lola’s dancing and singing prowess went futile! (Note: It’a taking me forever to upload the video at my Youtube Channel. I shall embed the link at a later time once the video has been processed).

Our baby mostly cries when he has reflux episodes, feeling sleepy, hunger pangs, wet nappy, gas pains, and cold weather.


It’s less fuss for him during feeding time because we don’t wait for him to cry before giving him a feed. My husband is extremely good at predetermining the time of milk preparation. As soon as he hears him move quite a bit around the expected feeding time, he immediately prepares to feed him. Crying episodes before sleeping time is usually addressed by tightly cuddling him and singing him to sleep.

My little one can throw such a hissy fit like most babies. It is an incredible challenge for us on how to decode each cries especially that we are brand new parents. It can be truly frustrating but it is a daily learning curve for my husband and I. We immensely enjoy and love the new learning experiences.

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