It’s a Jamie-Free Kind of Day

Being brand new parents, it’s quite hard to find a time just to be on our own- Mum-and-Dad time. If my recollection is right, the last time we had it was on our wedding anniversary; we still had my pretty Mamang to mind Jamie at the time so we were able to enjoy a cozy dinner date.

In October last year, I impulsively booked a lunch reservation unsure if we can have another Jamie-Free day. Luckily, my MIL did not mind at all babysitting Jamie. As a matter of fact, she enjoyed minding him. So this was the second time my husband and I had the chance to enjoy each others’ company post-baby.

We had a full day. I guess it’s better to just watch the video that I made as it encapsulated everything that transpired for that special day. I feel too lazy to write, LOL! There was no occasion to celebrate but it was a good time to rekindle the bonds as a married couple.

It must be noted though that we both suffered from separation anxiety so we had to make do with watching Jamie’s videos during the entire train ride on our way home.

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Fatherhood and What It Really Means

I deemed it appropriate to ask my husband what fatherhood means to him. I’d rather not put words into his mouth thus I felt the need to ask. He briefly retorted that it is an incredible thing.

Being the persistent blogger that I am, I further asked:

“Incredible in what way?”

Getting his perspectives of what fatherhood really meant for him is actually a good idea. However, I personally find it self-serving. There is no way he would speak high and mighty about himself because that’s not just him. My husband is such a low-key, low-profile individual who has got no hang-ups in life. No fuss, no dramas.

So I entirely deviated from what I actually want this post to mean. I feel that I saw all the tranformations that took place when he became a father. I say that because from the day he performed the first nappy change and when he stayed up all night to nurse our then newborn babe, I could not have imagined that he would be so strongly connected, involved, and supportive; but he amazingly is!

From a mother and wife’s perspectives, I saw with my very own eyes and felt from the depth of my heart how fatherhood really meant for my husband. Seeing the beautiful relationship between husband and son unfolding before my very eyes is unmatched!

My  precious gifts!

My precious gifts!

Coming home from work everyday now has a totally bigger meaning and purpose. With all the mundane tasks that he has to perform around the house, fatherhood has definitely sunk in.

He has been a hands-on Dad performing several tasks all for the love of Jamie: changing nappy, changing clothes, washing and sterelising feeding bottles, settling the baby to sleep, and waking up in the middle of the night to feed him when I am too deadbeat to do it.

Apart from that, he wakes up very early in the morning so I could get more sleep, feeding and nursing our baby each time I am preoccupied with other household chores. On top of it all, he has the ability to transform himself into a funny clown when the need arises. When our baby feels bored while watching him wash the dishes, his rare antics, which include doing the Michael Jackson breakdance (LOL!)- would immediately plaster back the smile on Jamie’s face.

He has that very special interaction and connection with our son that I find so rare and special!

My precious boys!

My precious boys!

He is indeed doing a marvellous job looking after me and our adorable bundle of joy. He has done a conscious effort of being there all the way for me as his wife and the mother of his son.

I would have felt so miserable had he not been putting his weight into all these. I am the luckiest because he helps me out in the best way he knows how. Not only does he recognize that his support means a mountain to me but he also finds it imperative that I need time to be alone. “Me” time to reinvigorate me so I’d be ready to face another day. He’d so often volunteered to mind Jamie; prodding me to go out with friends and have a good time. There was an instance where he babysat and out I was with some girls enjoying a videoke marathon. Lol!

This is the kind of man I married two years ago who is now a doting and an incredible father to our adorable son. Both of them are God’s perfect gifts to me. They make my life worth the while!

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On Motherhood and the “Jamie First” Rule

My last blogpost was about me reentering the workforce after a couple of months Parental Leave. That was more than a month ago before my mother went back home to the Philippines. Read HERE.

To say that the transition is tough is an understatement. But that’s to be expected. If it’s any consolation at all, we were able to establish our daily routines soon after she left. For working parents like us, we felt it was very essential especially that we have to look after a not-so-newborn-babe. The established routine made things a LITTLE organized, if not putting COMPLETE order in everything.

The life-changing transition is exhausting and draining. I entirely forgot the last time I combed my hair straight after having a shower in the morning. To save time, I have been doing it in the car on our way to work and that includes making myself tidy and presentable for work. Read H E R E.

If there’s anything, parenthood had taught us selflessness. My husband and I was able to implement a “Jamie First” rule around the house. Jamie MUST come first and foremost under whatever circumstance- NO buts, NO ifs. If out of habit we unconsciously break it, we have each other to remind the “Jamie First” rule.

"Jamie First" Rule

“Jamie First” Rule

Being brand new parents, we realized that having a baby is not all about perfect smiles, giggles, and cuteness overload at all times. We had to deal with poos, wees, snots, vomits, cries, and screams at ungodly hours.

I must admit that in the beginning, I felt occasional resentment because I could no longer do the normal stuff that I was so used to doing- taking a shower first thing in the morning, going to the toilet to answer the call of nature, unlimited Blogging and Facebooking, napping, and I could not believe it that combing my hair had become a “task” that’s often impossible to perform! My entire time was wholeheartedly devoted looking after my newborn. I felt the frustration and exhaustion to the core. I was missing the old “Me.” I find myself crying a river after waking up in the middle of the night to perform the repeated cycle of feeding and nappy change.

I was cursing myself for feeling the frustration and exhaustion. I felt I was a total failure! My husband had to pacify me; he had to repeatedly remind me to be kind to myself and that I am doing an amazing job. He never fails to give me that morale boost!

Apart from the physical exhaustion, motherhood also entails non-stop worrying from the big to the most trivial things. The constant paranoia was eating me alive especially after the first few weeks of giving birth. I am an anxiety-ridden first-time Mum! It’s absolute insanity!

But nobody said motherhood is going to be a walk in the park. It is difficult; it is very challenging. But we were told, it will only get better.

I chose to be a mother and I can’t allow the long trying nights of exhaustion wear me down nor the feeling of anxiety and resentment take over my life.

Modern day version of "Sisa"

Modern day version of “Sisa”

Our little Jamie ain’t gonna be a baby forever. We were warned not to blink an eye or else, we’ll miss it. Drinking in our little miracle at this stage is what gives myself and my husband the joy in its purest form; I could not even fathom the depth of our love that he had stirred in us even before he was born. He instantly stole our hearts from the second we laid eyes on him!

Breathing him in by staring at the stillness and innocence of his eyes; listening to his babbles, coos, ahhs, and gurgles; holding his tiny hands and feet; and swooping gently his tiny body into my shoulders or close to my bosom to give him my sweet caress and cuddles are the little things that did not only mean the whole world to him but also to me and my husband. These are the adorable and precious moments of his life that will be forever etched in our very beings.

This amazing creature is ours! Wow!

My Jamie Love's tiny feet

My Jamie Love’s tiny feet

Time passes by so quickly and I still have not fully wrapped my mind around the solid fact that I am now a mother. I still can’t believe my good fortune! Is it just me being weird or do you Mums out there ever get used to this feeling?

There’s a lot of humps and bumps along this journey but there’s absolutely no regrets. I would not trade any of it for the world!

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Celebrating Special Occasions with Houseware Gifts

A number of different occasions make for the ideal time to give housewares as a gift. Knowing what these occasions are and what kind of housewares to bring with you as a present can be a challenge if you have never before engaged this level of gift-giving, however. When you want your present to be remembered, treasured, and used, you can achieve this goal by giving something like china dinner sets to the recipients in question. You can find fine sets when you shop online. Shopping online gives you a chance to find the ideal set for the person or people who will be the guests of honor.

When you visit the website, you can start your search by clicking on dinner accessories. The accessories will then bring you to a page that will show you a variety of table settings. As you browse the pictures, you may notice that these sets come in a variety of patterns and styles. Some are very basic and understated while others have elaborate patterns on them. You can choose the ones that you think your loved one or friend would enjoy most.

You can also shop by filtering the kind of occasion being celebrated. For example, if you have been invited to a wedding, you want to avoid buying table ware that is too flamboyant and whimsical. You may fare better with plates and dishes that are practical, yet appealing. You can even find more upscale varieties as well. This choice will give the people getting married a chance to use the table accessories more often than if you bought them dishes with a special theme or whimsical decoration. Moreover, your gift can go well with other types of table accessories like flatware and glasses with similar elegance.

Along with table wares, you can also find gifts online that are geared for other uses. For example, if you are invited to a birthday party for a special lady, you may find bringing along a gift of jewelry to be ideal. If you are invited to an anniversary party, you may find bringing something for the couple’s home, like a lamp, to be appropriate. You can also find items for your own use, such as handbags and other accessories that appeal to your sense of style. These items are available to browse when you click on the corresponding pictures.

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When Boys Become Men

Men have many responsibilities in their lives. In most households, they are expected to be the breadwinner and provider. It is their job to make sure the bills are paid. Besides financial responsibilities, men have many other things that are expected of them in terms of being a husband and father. The more preparation that men have at an early age for these responsibilities, the more success they will have. There are many ways you can use to go about getting young men prepared for life. Some of them are more practical than others. Here are a few of the best ideas.

1. Join the Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America has been around for decades. It has served as a positive influence on young men, allowing them to make friends, learn skills, follow orders and become leaders. There is no downside to being a member of the Boy Scouts. Many grown men look back on their time in the scouts and say that is was a very positive influence on them. In fact, many men credit their time in the Boy Scouts with shaping the type of men they are today.

2. Send them to a boot camp for teens

In some cases, young men in their teens will demonstrate certain types of behavior that require professional assistance. If a child is being disrespectful, disobedient, rude, cruel or has any other type of behavioral issue, they would greatly benefit from a stay at a boot camp for teenagers. These places are usually located in rural locations so the environment does not contain any distractions that could get in the way of your son’s education. Before sending your son to a boot camp, be sure to investigate it thoroughly. The Wood Creek Academy has been teaching young men to be responsible adults for many years. Their site can be found at

3. Have them perform volunteer work

It is often important for a young man to see how fortunate he is. Having him volunteer at a homeless shelter will allow him to see firsthand what homeless people need to go through on a daily basis. This will help your young man develop compassion towards those who are less fortunate than he is. There are many places your son can volunteer. This type of work will be a valuable life experience that he will carry with him as he reaches adulthood.

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