3 Ways a Florist in Sydney Can Make Valentine’s Day Memorable

On Valentine’s Day, men are faced with the pressure of proving their love by surprising their sweethearts with memorable gifts. Giving the wrong gift may make things unpleasant. Of course flowers are the best gifts to give but not all flowers are acceptable. To get the right type of Valentine’s Day flowers in Sydney or North Ryde, you need the assistance of a florist. Here are three ways you can benefit from a florist:

1. Create something beautiful
An experienced florist helps you design a beautifully-coordinated bouquet incorporating flower colours and styles you wouldn’t have imagined together without their help. It is their livelihood after all to make living works of art and they are in a better position to help you design the perfect gift that reflects how special your loved one is to your life.

2. Keep with what people love
Just as the trends in subcultures, clothes, music, and seasons change, flowers go in and out of fashion and it is wise to find an expert who is in the know. To ensure you buy the best gift, your florist in Sydney will ask questions about your lover and incorporate the current trends into your fabulous bouquet, often above and beyond expectations.

3. Thrill your love with creativity
No one can be a master of everything. You can be good at your job, but you may find it hard to make creative floral arrangements that thrill. To make things easier, work with a florist who is dedicated to producing the highest quality bouquet. They know what thrills!
To avoid being worried about getting the right gift for your darling on Valentine’s Day, seek the assistance of a professional florist like Florist with Flowers. For more information, please visit http://www.floristwithflowers.com.au/.

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Special Birthday Presents from the City that Never Sleeps

Like she always does, Ate J never fails to send out her birthday presents to me regardless of the circumstances. I am aware she is in the thick of things of late and sending out a birthday present my way was least expected from her. I was very touched with her thoughtful and sweet gesture.

The birthday surprise my have been foiled because of a missed delivery.

The missed delivery

The missed delivery

However, it did not fail to bring a smile to my face and unsuppressed joy to my heart. I felt so loved and special by a person that I haven’t even met yet in the flesh. It is incredibly heartwarming that a special virtual friendship like this could exist.

Please allow me to brag a little bit about the gifts I’ve got overseas for my birthday :-)

I can't wait to open it!

I can’t wait to open it!

The personalized card is the first thing I always take a look at.

The personalized card is the first thing I always take a look at.

Everything is personalized! Simply lovely!

Everything is personalized! Simply lovely!

First every maternity dress for the preggy me! ;-)

First ever maternity dress for the preggy me! ;-)

As always, the tag was snipped off

For reasons known to me, the tag was snipped off ;-)

A Coach tote

A Coach tote

Inside the tote was the first ever gifts I got for our baby!

Powder puff

Powder puff

The power Coach slippers

The power Coach slippers



All these gifts were very well thought of long before my birthday. I have surmised the warnings in our private conversations were well meaning.

It goes like this:

“Please don’t get too big or else your feet will go bigger. Ikaw din! Hahaha!”

Now I completely understand why.

I can’t wait to show off all these lovelies ;-)

Meanwhile, I am sending my biggest virtual hugs and love to the most generous person there is in bloglandia. Thank you so much Ate J for the gifts and the special friendship. May God always bless your kind and generous heart.

Love yah always!

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The Crazy Moth Chase

It was an exciting time for us lastnite. I woke up past 2am when I thought I will have have another bout of leg cramps. Thank God I didn’t!

My Prince beside me moved and heard the sound of the moth trapped behind the blinds. I thought it was the sound of the raindrops but I was told it wasn’t. He got up and tried to chase the crazy little moth all around our small bedroom- behind the blinds, picture frame, under the bedside table, and when it finally landed on top of his pillow, he was smiling triumphantly when he thought he literally gotten rid of the moth when he thrown it away outside the room. It was a winning moment for my Prince over a little moth who was bugging our sleep in the wee hours of the morning. Hahaha!

We tried to go back to sleep after that. A few minutes later, we heard another sound. I thought it was raining for real.

But lo and behold!

The moth resurrected! How on earth the moth was able to rise back from its grave? Lol!

The Prince lost his patience this time. He grabbed a spray and chased the moth to no end! He was merciless! Lol! He was relieved to finally see it dead infront of him. It was past 3am.

This morning, he told me not to ask him what his sleep was like. Haha! I was teasing him that he was a moth killer at dawn and he simply retorted:

“We have dominion over animals that try to pester our sleep.”

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Weekend Special #8: Caught on Video

The past week had been quite a busy time for us. It was a long weekend and some plans were laid out a few weeks before that.

As my husband and I planned on spending time with some Church pals at The Entrance, New South Wales, I mentioned to him that we also need to spend precious moments with my lovely mother-in-law. My MIL specifically wanted to go to a park surrounded by water. We all then planned of going somewhere close to spare me from traveling a long way.

We did have an enjoyable and fun day! It was the best time to unwind, relax and simply enjoy each others’ company.

I love that my beautiful MIL is all so groovy and game in every photo takes. She has learned to love smiling for the camera; the fact can not be discounted that the camera loves her too! ;-) I guess she has gotten used to it and learned over time that being with me means taking a snap of anything is the norm ;-)

These were only but a few video captures taken on that day. By watching them, you can see how fun the day turned out to be.

The first video was just a random talk between the three of us wherein I was pretending to be capturing them only by the medium called pictures. They were both tricked in the beginning! Hahahaha! :lol:

I find the second video extremely hilarious! Why not? My Prince had a posing fit infront of me without suspecting that I caught him on video! As soon as he realized it was a video capture, he instantly walked off! Hahaha! :lol:

Oh well! The paparazzi could not simply get away from it all without some sweet revenge from my husband! LOL! :lol: :roll:

The last video aptly captured my choreography skills when taking photographs. LOL! And mind you, it also showed how an obedient subject my MIL was. :D

We spent five hours at the park without even realizing the time had gone by so quick! It was one of our best day out by far and we look forward to spending more time together as a family especially that summer is just around the corner. :-)

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We Prayed, He Answered: We Are Pregnant!

It is with great excitement and joy that my better half and I share with you all God’s loving grace and mercy- we are expecting our first child! Finally, our home will be growing by two little feet early next year :-)

Mummy and Daddy To-Be

Mummy and Daddy To-Be

We can assure you that this beautiful news being withheld up to this very moment has been nothing more than us protecting what is most sacred and precious- a new life that beats and was far from reaching its 12-week milestone.

Thanks to our family and friends who have respected our privacy over the past crucial weeks; allowing us the privilege and honor every couple deserves- to share the wonderful news ourselves. It is such a beautiful and special moment and we couldn’t be any happier!

To our prayer warriors, thank you so much! Your prayers meant so much to our family especially in my most fretting moments. To those special people who have shared our wonderful highs and subterranean lows, we are grateful for having you in our lives!

We give back all the glory, honor, and praises to our Lord God Almighty for bestowing in us this precious gift of life. For this child we prayed; and the Lord has granted us what we asked of Him (I Samuel 1:27). Indeed, prayers can move mountains and He has made all things possible!

Photo Credit: Bregie

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