My Husband’s Aversion to Cameras

My husband has an incredibly strong aversion to publicity- pictures, videos, name it, he hates it. But having known him for several years when I was at the height of blogging, I guess he realized just a tad bit that he can never get away from exposures to social media or my blogs especially so when this blog was dedicated to document “Our Journey to Forever” (this blog’s old title) since 2007.

He encourages me to blog my absolute best and motivates me to spend more time to blog whenever I can because he knows blogging is a hobby that I love doing. I haven’t been blogging with gusto because time and energy had always been scarce. I admit I am a failure in this aspect. But I still make sure I do if only to chronicle some of the things that I remember.

He doesn’t read my blogs but I make sure he gets to read some posts before or after publication. Sometimes he would warn me of the photos that are not for public consumption- i.e. bad angles of photos of him showing a bulging tummy and the like.

He gets caught a couple of times evading his personal paparazzi that is his wife but more often than not, he is just too good and I end up an epic fail in getting good and decent captures of him in the form of pictures and videos.

Today was one of the many occasions where he was trying to cheer me up and turned out comical like he always does. I suddenly decided to turn my video on but he was too quick to realize it. I didn’t even come close to getting a “decent” video.

As soon as he made me stopped videoing, he won’t let his defenses down. He was very hesitant to set foot in the spare room where I was all set up to get another video of him. He can only poke his head and step back. LOL!

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Sweet Liberation

It means my husband and I are officially off from work- two weeks for him and four weeks for me. Hurray to that! You might think we will be heading off somewhere but nah! There’s nothing grand that’s planned for this holiday. In fact, it was not premeditated at all. We simply felt the need to break away from the daily grind and get enough rest and sleep. Rest and sleep some more- I could never get enough of both.

Gone were the days where I can roll in bed for as long as I want. Oh well! When I arrived here in Sydney, I felt too itchy to go to work. And when I had been permanently working, I kept looking forward for weekends where I don’t have to go to work. Hahaha! Life’s contradictions can sometimes be confusing :-(

Anyhow, time ticked by so quick. One week had come and gone. We felt relaxed and productive this week. We’re trying to take it easy and get the most out of our time together. Hopefully, I could get to blog with so much gusto as I initially planned.

Well, let’s see ;-)

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Sweet Birthday Surprise from the City that Never Sleeps

My Prince celebrated his birthday more than two months ago but I never managed to publish anything about it just yet. I have actually wrote one lengthy post that’s been sitting on my draft but I have never found the time to finalize it up until now. There are numerous things I am supposed to write about across my blogs. But more often than not, I encounter “brain fart episodes.” Need I say more? ;-) Apart from that, time is always scarce as I have really been trying my best to get 7-8 hours of sleep so I had no choice but to put blogging on the backseat.

On his birthday, one sweet gesture plastered the biggest smile on my husband’s face. It was certainly not expected but it was such the sweetest and nicest gesture my Prince had ever received. And what do you know? He received it exactly on his natal day.

Lovely card

Lovely card

Sweetest birthday note from the Power Couple :-)

Sweetest birthday note from the Power Couple :-)

I can never recall having mentioned about my husband’s upcoming birthday but I so appreciate that little details like this had never escaped her detective eyes. Hahaha! I am assuming it could be at this blog. Did I say that right, Ate J? ;-)

Seriously, we were lost for words. The gesture is sincerely appreciated. And to think we are yet to meet the sender in the flesh! How awesome blogging can be! We get to know and be acquainted with people we hardly even met yet but we are able to forge strong relationships with them. That really amazed me to the core!

I may have never mentioned here at this blog but my husband adores Gary Valenciano and his soulful music. He has got a massive collection of his music and he knows most of them. He even knows a lot of them more than I do. We initially planned of watching his concert in Sydney but tickets have been sold-out a month before his concert.

My Prince was extremely surprised and was grinning from ear to ear when he got hold of the birthday card. It was customized which made it even more extra special.

Thank you very much Ate J of Juliana’s Lair and to your loving and supportive husband Kuya F. You both rock! ;-)

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Our Journey to Forever Begins

It is only at my blog’s platform that I thought it best to share for the first time our wedding video highlights. It’s not as good and impressive like most cinematic videos out there but we had to make do with whatever limited capabilities our supplier has got. Like most weddings, it was not devoid of flaws and mishaps. But the sanctity of the Marriage Vows was pure and perfect. After all, it is not about the wedding but the marriage that matters the most.

For a new emigrant like myself with very little time in my hands for the wedding preparations, looking out for suppliers in a First World and expensive country was no mean feat. I barely had no idea how and where to start. I felt so lost and in total confusion which ones to book for appointments. I literally was groping in the dark! I only relied mostly on outputs and internet reviews. With the help of our entourage, I was able to pull it through. I can only be grateful for all the support they had extended to me during those stressful and crucial times.

Watching the video all over again brought back the memories of that special day. I wanted to relish at that incredible moment and cherish it forever.


It is just the beginning of our long journey to forever. Be with us as we sojourn together!

Our Journey to Forever

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