Beautiful Memories of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Warning: Picture overload ahead…

The last time I was on the road, it was for an official trip. We went to two neighboring towns to attend both the Farewell and Welcome Party of the outgoing and incoming Directors in our region respectively.

South Cotabato Personnel prepared for this simple event

I was ecstatic before making the trip because it has been years since I last set foot in South Cotabato’s famous tourist spot, Lake Sebu, the venue for the occasion.

Lake Sebu is one of the most preserved watershed in the archipelago.

Beautiful Lake Sebu

Before we proceeded to Lake Sebu, we had to stop by at Sultan Kudarat to attend a similar event. The Boss was with us so we simply had no choice.

Lovely anthurium

On our way to our first stop- Sultan Kudarat and to our final destination- Lake Sebu

Verdant green ricefields along the highway

There are a helluva lot of reasons why Lake Sebu is a special place to visit.

First, it brought me a lot of memories with my previous job when I did community work, specifically giving out Parenting Sessions with the T’bolis in the hinterlands.

Second, it’s known for its natural and cultural attractions that make the trip to this place worth your while. Lake Sebu boasts of its 7 majestic falls and its highest zipline measuring 700 meters deep.


Third, it’s famous for tilapia raising where they take pride in cooking all tilapia cuisines- kinilaw (raw fish cubed and marinated in vinegar or Calamansi juice along with garlic, onions, ginger, tomato and various peppers), paksiw (Filipino dish consisting of fish cooked in vinegar, garlic and salt), grilled, fried, chicharon… name it, they have it!

Have a heart for these tilapias, baby!

Fried tilapia

Grilled Tilapia

It’s worth mentioning that chicharon made out of tilapia and the kinilaw were the first ones that were consumed and in a wink of an eye, the plates were empty, LOL! That’s why you can’t see any photos of them, hahaha!

Fruits here can be found everywhere

Now that surely made you drool. I am sorry but that wasn’t the intention 😉

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go to the 7 Falls because we weren’t there for leisure but to attend an event.

Of course, we did some photo takes for posterity sake 🙂

Yours truly in sitting position at Sultan Kudarat.

That's me again in full body view this time around, hahaha!

Nature at its best!

Lovely water lilies

Yours truly and a subordinate can't help but take our poses, LOL!

My Co-Assistant and a subordinate goofing around while waiting for the program to begin

A pose with the big Bosses (the two guys on your right)

I just need to mention that our Provincial Supervisor is my schoolmate in college. We graduated on the same year. He took Bachelor of Arts major in English and graduated with Honors while I finished majoring in Political Science (without Honor but pride all intact, hahaha!). He must be so serious in his desire to become a Lawyer so he enrolled in the Law School right after graduation. I wasn’t surprised when he became a lawyer at such a young age and later on became one of the young bosses in the Commission.

The young lawyer while delivering his opening message to the personnel in attendance

Guess who's the youngest of them all? ;-)

The new Director imbibing some words of inspiration

The blogger Boss while giving out a simple token to the outgoing Director

The new Director's turn to receive the token

The day was filled not only with beautiful memories of the lovely Lake Sebu but also a lot of learnings about this remarkable job that I had embraced some years back. I hope to be able to deliver the goods as expected of me being a civil servant of the country.

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41 responses to “Beautiful Memories of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

  1. Hi Lainy, the pictures you have in the post tells wonderful and fun adnventures you had during that trip. What’s in the lake Lainy why they preserve it? water source din sa town. Wow the 7 fall zipline looks spectacular, I wish to visit that place one day ug manghilam os ko sa falls hehehehe. Gret pictures Lainy apil, thanks for sharing.

    Visiting from TT.


    Lainybelle Reply:


    Hello Shei!

    Yeah, I had fun during the trip. Lake Sebu is supplying important irrigation to the Provinces of Sultan Kudarat and South Cotabato.

    Nice ang falls Shei pero wa mi kaadto, hehe. Some other time we will.

    Thank you for the visit.

    See yah!


  2. Great shots. The food looks yummy.

    I played too. Mine are here and here.


    Lainybelle Reply:


    Thank you.

    See yah at both your entries later.


  3. What a nice experience. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday.


    Lainybelle Reply:


    You are most welcome.


  4. Hindi pa ako nakapunta dyan. Sabi masarap daw tilapya dyan… gusto ok rin try yung zipline


  5. beautiful shots.. i am from Mindanao but it’s a shame I have never really explored our beautiful island. I hope to visit this famous lake someday! Hope you could also drop bymy TT entry at I would also appreciate it if you could follow me via GFC.. thanks in advance!


  6. Ayayay! Pagka-wonderful ato nga escapade kay work and leisure combined man jud! 🙂 I haven’t been to that place, the Lake Sebu, but my highschool batchmates went there last December and I got so envious with all the photos they showed me. Naunsa na ni, ang tilapia man akong nakit-an. Gigutom na nuon ko. 😀

    Visiting for TT Sis. This week, I am virtually journeying Doha, Qatar with their Giant Pearl Fountain. Hope to see you landing at my site! 🙂 Thanks!


    Lainybelle Reply:


    Korak Sis! Hahaha! Puhon basin makasuroy ka ngadto, Sis. Iapil jud sa imong itinerary, hehe.

    I shall visit your TT entry soon Sis.

    See yah!


    Rcel Reply:

    Sis, balik ko usab for my WW late visit. 🙂

    Triz’s BDAY Note
    All White MAM
    Bongo Drums
    PP All Whites

    Lisura sa imong spam protection oi, arithmetic man kaayo. Mao pay bugo kaayo tag Pilipino! Nyahaha!


  7. waahhh gusto ko diha sa zipline kay sa lake ra ko taman…. kanindot woi…. kelan pakaya makabalik ulit 🙂


    Lainybelle Reply:

    @ Vernz@ The Virtual Wanderer

    Maayo nakaadto naka ngadto, Vernz. Last nakong adto sa falls kay 2003 man tingali to, dili pa kaayo sya developed. Gusto ko musuroy balik ngadto sa falls na this time 😉


  8. It’s my first hear about this lake and it seems really cool and nice. Your pics tell me more than a thousand words.

    Hope you can drop by my TT entry here:


    Lainybelle Reply:


    It is, believe me.

    I shall see you at your TT entry in a bit 😉


  9. looks like you had a wonderful trip and adventure. business and pleasure at the same time 😉 lots of food and photo ops too 😀

    keep blogging, and see you around ^^


  10. What fun time on a work-related event. kakainggit! Lake Sebu is one place I really want to visit someday soon.


  11. Looks like a nice place to visit Sis! I’ve heard so much about this place but this is just so far. =)

    I love the grilled tilapia.


  12. I haven’t been that place. The foodies looks yum!


  13. Ka-nice sa place oi. I like the thing where you are hanged and swing near the falls. Fascinating.


  14. nice to see you having a great time at that beautiful place..TT visits!


  15. ooopps!,I am afraid of that zipline!


  16. Wow at ginutom ako bigka sa fish and other foodies hehehe. Lovely place na di ko pa nasisilayan. Thanks for sharing and for linking up.


  17. inggit much ako katukayo…nkakapagvisit ka sa place na gnyan waaa! i love the foods lalo na ung fried tilapia..especially if you have it with mangga and bagoong…grrrrr…ubos yan skin aahaha! nice pics katukayo! :))


  18. there can never be anywhere lovelier than a countryside scenery. it’s just so sad sultan kudarat was in the hot news of late.


  19. These is very good news. The food is awesome!

    The Lamp


  20. galeng naman bakasyon mo! sarap ng mga pagkain!! yummy!

    My Photo Meme Blog


  21. ooh, what a lovely place to have your vacation. I wish i can go there, i have heard such beautiful place there, sayang hindi ako naka request ng postcard , ha ha ha. thanks for joining.


  22. lived in Bukidnon eons ago and loved the place! i haven’t been to Lake Sebu, though…i wish my family and i will have the chance to visit soon, since hubby’s now assigned in the Visayas-Mindanao area (while we’re here in QC, lol).

    thanks so much for sharing the yummy food and wonderful Lake Sebu moments over at Food Friday, Lainy
    happy weekend!


  23. hi lainy! here again for WW… thanks for joining this week!

    Visiting as a host and from my entries from my other blogs:


  24. lainy pasyal mo naman ako dyan hehe.. ay invite mo muna pala ako, tapos pasyal mo ako hahaha…

    special mention ka sa isa kong post.. my way of saying thanks for all your kindness 🙂


  25. beautiful pictures Sis, looks like you had a blast on your road trip, visiting from TT, hope you can visit me back


  26. i would love to try that zipline. the view must have been amazing….=)

    visiting via TT =)


  27. looks like it was great time!!!


  28. wow, interesting post…i love to read more about that area of mindanao, i’ve been to zamboanga del sur but not your region and with these i am missing my work with napolcom. 🙂 he’s young and who knows, you will be like him one day, you’re doing great at work so i bet its possible! visiting late from OT, have a great week. 🙂


  29. back here again from WW…:) that seven falls zipline looks so much fun but scary. happy tuesday! 🙂


  30. hehehe, nagbabalik na naman ako, from last week’s FF…please bear with me! have a great weekend. 🙂


  31. Ang ganda ng view! Fully documented din ang business trip na ito ha… Mula sa byahe hanggang sa event proper pati na din ang food!

    Thanks for sharing Lainz… Bisita sad para sa FTF!


  32. Oh my goodness! The place sure looks awesome! How I wish I can travel to Mindanao, too.

    Hopping from Food Trip Friday.


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