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September to Remember: Rendezvous with Colleagues at Work

I find it apt and appropriate to resume my September to Remember episodes. I am aware this is long over due. My cousin Ally of In the Eyes of the Beholder once told me over the holiday season that she has been awaiting for the continuation of the September to Remember episodes.

Do forgive my indolence. ย I am such a huge procrastinator.

I do not intend to keep you hanging, folks. I would rather not give any timeline but I shall try to write as much in the coming days.


One of the itineraries when my fiance came for a visit in September was the meet up with my colleagues at work. We had our rendezvous at… where else? Badminton court ๐Ÿ˜‰

The group before the "hitting" commenced

It was a night of fun hitting the cock but my Prince was very uncomfortable. He never got the opportunity to play badminton before. He plays table tennis though. The humidity of the badminton court even made him feel even more uncomfy. A subordinate tried to teach him some tricks but the heat was intolerable which made him sweat all the more.

Forehand grip :-)

Try it out ;-)

After an hour, the group posed for the camera in between sweats.

My Prince with Star- all sweat :-)

The group after the game

Then we all decided to dine out at a BBQ station. My co-workers had the opportunity to chat with him and they were all forced to speak in English, LOL! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Smiling for the cam while waiting for the foods to be served

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September to Remember: Embracing Some Filipino Culture

The trip to my hometown was one of the many things that my Prince was looking forward to during his short stint in the Philippines. It will be the moment that he will get to finally meet my Pretty Mama, two younger brothers, and our doggies, Budotz and Ewoks among others, LOL! The moment the plane touched down at GenSan Airport, I can’t help but exclaim:

We’re finally home!

One thing noticeable when we arrived was the humidity as he was warned beforehand. There were actually lots of stuff that I’ve briefed him about prior to his arrival especially about the Filipino culture. I must say he remembered them all and somehow was able to embrace some ๐Ÿ˜‰

In the Philippines, “pagmamano” is a custom/ gesture of the Filipinos as a sign of respect and a way for greeting the elders.

Inside the house, Filipinos wear slippers different from the ones we’re using when we go outside. Upon arrival at home, I gave him the slipper for him to wear but he said:

“NO, I don’t wear slippers when I am inside the house.”

But since I kept on insisting, he had no other choice but wear them. LOL!

He was able to finally meet our cute, adorable, and spoiled little Ewoks:

After having a little chat with my mother and my brothers over lunch, we went to the mall to buy some stuff.

Hot shower is never a necessity in Filipino households. For two days, he took a shower without it until my mother told me I have to boil some water and make him use the bucket instead of the shower, LOL!

I’ve previously mentioned that he was able to take a jeepney and also the train in Manila. Of course, in Gensan, we boast of our tricycle as our primary mode of transportation, LOL!

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September to Remember: Garden & Restaurant in the Sky

Taking into consideration the convenience and accessibility, we proceeded to Sarangani Highlands after having a great plunge at Lemlunay’s infinity pool. It is not too far from Lemlunay Dive Spot, besides we’re going to pass by it on our way back to the City proper, hence, making the trip very convenient by hitting two birds in one stone ๐Ÿ˜‰

My brother next to me had been very adamant for us to leave Lemlunay before sunset ย for us to have a really great view of Sarangani Highlands. So we packed our stuffs quick and headed for Sarangani Highlands.

It is located on the hilltop overlooking Sarangani Bay. The view from there of both the sea and the mountains is truly amazing!

Visible at the top is downtown Gensan at night and the volcanoes Mt. Parker and Mt. Matutum on broad day light.

We really felt close to nature during our stay at the place. Breathing in the fresh and clean air while filling our senses with the spectacular view of sunset gave us the feeling of solitude and bliss.

Sarangani Highlands boasts of its beautiful landscape surrounded by a variety of flowers and plants. Mybrother kept urging my Prince and yours truly to pose for the camera. He kept clicking the cam and I felt like our every move was documented, LOL!

The sumptuous menus served on the table made our stay even more meaningful and unforgettable.

Indeed, Sarangani Highlands is a must place to visit. This is another pride of SOCSARGEN that we can call “ours”. This is the only place where you can have both garden and restaurant in the sky.

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September to Remember: The Lemlunay Experience

My Prince and I simply took this once in a lifetime chance to enjoy mother nature at its best. Since two weeks was very limited for us to explore the ย entire country, I deemed it best to choose a few ones that’s very accessible and convenient for us to visit.

Lemlunay Diving Spot, Sarangani Province

Our first stop was at Lemlunay Dive Resort. It was my first time to be setting foot in that particular place so I had no previous ย inkling what to expect. Atop a cliff located in Tinoto, Maasim, Sarangani Province, I was amazed at how the place was developed specifically for scuba-diving enthusiasts. Lemlunay is a home to South Point Divers where they offer diving lessons to wannabe divers.

It’s simply breathtaking! And yes! Living up to its name, Lemlunay is indeed PARADISE as what “Lemlunay” means in the T’boli dialect. The place is obviously unspoilt and we definitely had a grand time enjoying the surroundings that’s perfect for having a relaxing time with family, and yeah, the special someone ๐Ÿ˜‰

Apart from it being a diving spot and haven to most divers, they have an infinity pool which boasts of ย its cleanliness.

And how can the sumptuous and delectable cuisines served on the table be forgotten? We all had our stomachs full with some tuna dishes.


Grilled Panga

It was truly infinite happiness to have discovered the place for the first time and I can’t help but feel proud that it’s located not too far away from my very own hometown.

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September to Remember: The Joys In Being Together

I planned a very simple itinerary for my Prince prior to his arrival in the Philippines. His primary reason for making the trip to the Philippines was to enable him to meet me in the flesh as well as my entire family. It was not intended to visit some places entirely for pleasure. And yes! I was firmly instructed not to treat him like a King ๐Ÿ™‚

Being his first time in the Philippines, I warned him not to be culture-shocked. But because he is surrounded by Filipinos at Church in his home country, he is aware of some salient Filipino behaviors. Aside from any negatives, he is aware that Filipinos are very hospitable, e.g. host sleeping on the floor to allow the guest to lie in bed to sleep. He told me it’s fine for him to sleep on the floor, LOL! which of course, my family and I, being the hosts, would never hear of that from him and relent to have him to sleep on the cold tiled floor.

One of the reasons we stayed one more night in Manila was for him to be able to attend a Worship Service at the Central Temple of the Faith we are both adherents. We both belong to the same Faith even before we knew each other. It simplified matters in that respect from the very beginning.

Despite the sleeplessness the night before because of the new environment he isn’t used to, and not to mention the jet lag, My Prince is very particular with time. We were anticipating a heavy traffic on the road, so we woke up early for the Sunday Worship Service. This is something very special for the both of us because we have always looked forward in going to church together.

Smiling for the camera before leaving for Church

We were two (2) hours early at church as there was not much traffic. We were able to take some photos under the excruciating heat of the sun ๐Ÿ˜‰

After the worship service, we toured the Church’s’ Museum and Gallery. Thanks to Jackie and her husband Alvin for making this possible by booking the appointment as early as July.

Group pose at the Church's Lobby

He had his first jeepney ride in Manila and he was so cool about it, hehe!

Jeepney ride with Jackie's family and friends

We then had lunch with some friends. One online friend of my Prince, Elgie, was able to meet us at Church. Elgie was introduced to me by My Prince via IM almost four years ago. She traveled from Cavite and although she already had attended church the day before, she never hesitated in attending twice just to be able to meet me and my Prince in person. I truly appreciate the gesture!

With pretty Teacher Elgie ๐Ÿ™‚

Though the first day in the Philippines was all too tiring for my Prince, it was filled with many firsts- and foremost, that of glorifying the Lord together ๐Ÿ™‚

Together, Forever!

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