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Your Blog is Fabulous!

I wanted to brag that this blog, Our Journey to Forever, has been the recipient of a lovely award. Well, I hope the person who awarded me this isn’t too biased in choosing my blog. I hope I didn’t came to mind just because we’re blood-related, haha! Nevertheless, biased or not, this award is highy appreciated.

Thanks for thinking of me my pretty and witty cousin Ally of I’m Walking on Sunshine!

Here are the rules:

  • Post 5 of your addictions.
  • Pass it on to 5 bloggers that you think has fabulous blogs and link back to the one who passed this award to you.

Here are my 5 addictions:

  1. My Prince Scotty– I can not get enough of my Mahal. If you have been frequenting this blog, you must have known by now 😉
  2. Entrecard-dropping– I do drop the maximum of 300 cards per blog daily without fail. Now you understand how frustrating it is when EntreCard is down for database maintenance without due notice.
  3. Ebaying– Last week, I was able to purchase 7 different kinds of lovely dresses.
  4. Blogging– I can feel the frustration even more when this addiction of mine isn’t satisfied. My own ISP gave me a hard time since yesterday. I can not even browse my own site nor publish a single post! Grrrrr! Good thing everything is back to normal now 😉
  5. Blogging– Did I say blogging yet again? 😉

Now for my own list of recipients of this beautiful award:

  1. Mystique of Mystique Moments
  2. Twerlyn of Twerlermz Blog

You simply rock, fellas!

First commenter shall get a link back

RECEL of My Written Expressions

My Written Expressions

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Awards for 2009

It’s time to show off the first awards I’ve got for this year. Unlike other bloggers who hates memes and awards, I try my best to give these awards a slot/ space in my blog. After all, it’s my way of showing how much I appreciate these bloggers for thinking of me. I usually post awards all at once. But on most occasions, I forget to bookmark all those taggers and those bloggers who gave me lovely awards (I’m sorry!). But rest assured that these awards are highly appreciated. Thank you so much for thinking of me and my blogs.
I will start off with this four beautiful awards from my very good friend Polly of Random Ramblings. I would like to commend her for never failing to include me in her short list of recipients. You definitely made my day and you always plaster a smile on my face, My Dear Friend!
Incidentally, the You Make My Day Award was also given to me by Michelle of My Small World.

The Honest Scrap Award was also given to me by my cousin Dearie Ally of In the Eyes of the Beholder:

I thank Matthias of Matthias Chronicles for also giving me this lovely Blog Love Award:

Now I would like to share these four awards to deserving blogger friends in no particular order:
This time I wanna thank Lynn, Photojournalist , Nova, Babette, and Murderous Intention for awarding me this lovely Triple Awards!
I would like to share this to Ivy of The Designer’s Chic.

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More Awards!

Today is a fabulous day. I have just posted a Super Blogger award in my other blog. But the awards keep coming and I am truly grateful to be the recipient of such beautiful awards.

This wonderful friendship award is from Polly of Random Ramblings. If I may just quote:
“Lainy has four lovely blogs and even though she is busy around the clock, she is never too busy to help with her friendship and advice … “

Thanks so much for the friendship dear! Now I would like to share the friendship I share with Polly to the following blogger friends: Michelle, Lynn, Elaine, Honey and Bregie.


This award came as a surprise from Tahtimbo of Everyday Living. Thank you so much! This is very much appreciated.

This award is being passed on to Uncle Che, Nancy and Ivy.

BUTTERFLY AWARD (For the Coolest Blog I Know)

I have accepted this award from my cousin Allena of In the Eyes of the Beholder and Michelle of My Small World. Thanks girl!

Once accepted, the rules would be as follows:
  1. Put the logo on your blog;
  2. Add a link to the person who awarded you;
  3. Nominate 10 other blogs;
  4. Add links to those blogs on yours;
  5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

Im nominating the following blogger friends for the Butterfly Award:

Tina, Noela, Lollii, Paula, Beth, Shawie, Wendy, Twinks, Babette, Mariuca, and Twerlyn.

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Yet Another Award

I’m slowly doing all the tasks that’s been waiting for me since that short lull last week. Thanks Jaja and Juliana for yet another set of award.

I would like to share these awards to Jessie, Rich, J K, Maline, Nickz, Joy, Michelle, Thira, and Pretty Life Online.

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Friendship Day Award

I thank Jaja, Lynn, and Joy for being real patient with me. It took me a long time to get this award but here it is now:

Finding friends here at cyberspace are one of the things that I cherish. It’s a wonderful feeling to have them around. With pride and honor, my friends who deserve to get this award are Jessie, Jennie, Mhel, Juliana, R J, Lorie, Honey, Michelle, Fyrnz, Yan, Twerlyn, and Joliber.

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