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It’s Been Too Long; It’s Good to Catch Up

I had this post sitting in my draft but had been procrastinating like I always do. Then came the bug that had me drained off my energy. So there goes my indolence story. Lol! 😂

Going back to this post, the feeling of frustration and disappointment was real when my supposed meet up with Neya did not materialize. She is my high school schoolmate and a Uni classmate in our Political Science class. I literally know her for more than half of my life! It was planned ahead yet bummed to the core. I eventually got over it after some time.

On a much happier note, a rendezvous took place two weeks ago at the streets of Sydney. It was one of those abrupt let’s-do-it-now thingy. In short, it was never planned.

Dorvin was an elementary and high school classmate and a schoolmate in the University. It was very interesting to note that we went to the same school all our lives! He reminded me of the person I once was!!!

When I learned he was coming over to Australia for a work-related trip, I wasn’t expecting we were ever going to meet up. Sydney was not originally included in his itinerary. But for some reason, he touched down to Sydney on a weekend.

It was a Monday when he confirmed he can take time to meet me. The closest place that was most convenient for me to meet him up was at the Central- it was only 3 minutes away by train from where I work.

 photo image_32.png

He was late for 30 minutes so I waited for him at the platform.

But we eventually ended up having lunch at Chinatown which I was not really familiar with; it entailed longer time to track the place down.

 photo image_33.png

Thanks Dorvz for the Yum Cha shout; appreciate it! ☺️

But all’s well that end’s well.

We had a wonderful yum cha experience for lunch; it was only a short catch up.

 photo image_34.png

Happy tummy! ☺️

 photo image_35.png

Yum cha without chicken feet is not complete! 😜

Please take note that we haven’t touched base since our Uni graduation; save for all Facebook updates.

At the very least, I experienced a hit of nostalgia. Meeting up with Dorvin brought an air of youth along with it. It brought memories rushing to the forefront of my mind, allowing me to bask in the warmth.

Nostalgia is a beautiful feeling. It reminded me of the way things once were, the happiness that I experienced growing up, and all the wonder.

The short eyeball with Dorvin allowed me to see the world in a new light. Life seems to become more complicated and more difficult with age. But no, I retract. I will be forever 25. LOL! 😂

Overall, I felt so fascinated with the experience of meeting up Dorvin. Each of us writes our own story and it got me thinking that although many stories have similar beginnings, the middle and the end will differ greatly.

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That’s Our Boy!

We had our son’s 18-month needle yesterday. Each time he is scheduled for this, it is met with a little bit of apprehension. However, if we should take it as a fairly positive sign and warning, he did not cry at all when he got his 12-month needle.

The 18-month vaccination is performed to fight against diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis (whooping cough), measles, mumps, rubella and varicella (chickenpox) (MMRV).

We let our son get a pretty good nap before we headed off to the Medical Centre. It was not too busy so it was a good timing for us to come at that hour.

 photo IMG_0357.png

One of those quiet and rare moments where he’s sitting like a Boss, hahaha!

Our son was all over the place; he simply can’t sit still!!! He loves walking around, poking his face at other people’s spaces and giving them a big grin or laugh. He’s quite a sociable little fella!

 photo IMG_0352.png

Walking around the Medical Centre

 photo IMG_0351.png

I told yah he can’t sit still!

I had to constantly run after him and his Dad had to keep him entertained.

 photo IMG_0384.png

Mummy chasing after this little fella!

 photo IMG_0354.png

Dad was keeping him entertained

 photo IMG_0355.png


When our son’s name was called, they had to weigh him in and had to also take his height measurements.

 photo IMG_0356.png

He lost some weight when he got sick for two weeks but he is still on the normal range

 photo IMG_0349.png

Some cms taller :-)

My husband was expecting him to have a crying fit when the vaccination was performed because he thought that our little boy would now be more aware of his surroundings at 18 months, hence the pain would have made him scream and cry. But on the contrary, we were the proudest parents as he pulled up such a strong demeanour after two pokes were performed on both arms- no complaints, no tears, no nothing.

 photo IMG_0348.png

Such a tough little boy!

He’s such a tough boy! We were very impressed with him! After the procedure, as if nothing had happened. My husband can’t help but quip:

“I had never seen a child so happy after being poked”!

That’s our boy!

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What a Bummer!

That moment when I dragged my family very early in the morning to meet up a friend who originally hail from my hometown- General Santos City. We were supposed to pick her up along with her husband at their hotel, my husband offered to drive them to the airport, and spend some time for breakky before their departure back to the Philippines from their New Zealand holiday.

 photo image_14.png

We had to wake up our son at 4:15am so we can get there on time! 😩

Sounds like a plan, right?

 photo image_27.jpeg

My two lovely boys were all set! My husband had to drive an hour one way to get to the City 🙀

But just when we were only 15 minutes away from the hotel they were supposed to be staying at, I informed her that we were actually close; but I was told this:

“Hey, it’s not today. It’s tomorrow!”

And I was like: WTH!!! 😁

It was my bad! I wasn’t precise. I failed to take into account that my friend is spending a lovely holiday with her family. I should have double- checked and counter- checked everything.

It was a shame!

Everything was nicely planned in my head and it all went for naught!

My husband asked:

“How could you miss something as important as this”?

But later on backtracked and retorted:

It’s OK, I am not angry. These things happen. Don’t feel upset.”


I felt so utterly useless and unforgivingly stupid. But thanks to my darling husband who, as always, tried to calm my nerves down and pacified my turmoiled emotion. We had to make a detour and go back home.

It was such a bad start for a weekend we so looked forward to. I take responsibility for wrecking it all. I am hoping what’s left of it won’t be such a waste.

So help me God!

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Failed Mission

Saturday was a pretty hectic day for my son and I. We were out for a mission- shopping! We arrived at the shops as early as 8:30 am; most of the shops weren’t even open yet!

Jamie's Curiosity photo image.jpeg

Jamie at the shop

We didn’t get home until past 5 in the afternoon.

It helped that Jamie did not give me a hard time; he was a good boy the entire time. He ate a full Chinese food for lunch. Onlookers were staring at him with eyes opened wide while he was devouring his meal. Lol!

However, our mission wasn’t accomplished. I didn’t find something nice for him so I didn’t force the issue.

 photo image_7.jpeg

Ad to lure consumers to shop till you drop!


 photo image_9.jpeg

Clever marketing strategy


 photo image_10.jpeg

Children’s wear


 photo image_11.jpeg


So it basically turned out to be a window shopping day for Jamie and his Mummy. It was a very long day for us but I had fun spending the time with my son.

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All for the Love of Jamie: High Tea Baby Shower

I have never been invited to attend a baby shower in the past nor have I organised for one. It is perhaps because it is not a common thing in the Philippines. So having to attend one in my honor in anticipation of Jamie’s arrival is quite overwhelming to say the very least.

It has been four months down the track since the Baby Shower took place. Late as it may seem, I feel the need to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all those people who have been instrumental in making it happen.

As a first time Mum-to-Be, I was told not to stress about the planning and organising of the Baby Shower.


I am lucky and blessed enough to have been surrounded by these beautiful souls who volunteered to wholeheartedly and unselfishly organise it for me:

She is simply heaven-sent! As soon as she learned that I am on my 30th weeks of pregnancy, she told me that she needs to come up with a plan for the Baby Shower. Not only that. She automatically offered their house as the venue to spare us from hiring a hall for the event; without thinking of any inconveniences it would entail for her. She was all too willing to do it for us and our little family. She is just amazing!

Mira with Sis Mau and her very smart son, Darrell

Mira and Sis Mau with their smart daughter and son- Miranda and Darrell

It must be noted that even before I fell pregnant, Sis Mau had long expressed her willingness to style the venue for the Baby Shower. I felt truly special! I was not even sure then if someone is gonna organise one for me- sans a lot of friends to boost being a newbie in this country. But here’s one lovely soul who magnified a persona who is so full of love and kindness. She is famed for her artistic craft and it’s indeed both an honor and a privilege to be styled by one of the best there is in her chosen field.










She is my lovely friend who exceptionally volunteered to prepare all the food for the High Tea event. Without second thoughts, she offered her services to do all the cooking to spare us from spending a hefty sum for the catering. Isn’t she awesome!?

JM in the middle with lovely friends Imelda and Jinky

JM in the middle with lovely friends Imelda and Jinky




Like in our wedding, the Baby Shower was a small gathering of people who mattered to us. We sincerely appreciate that they took time to be with us to celebrate Jamie’s arrival. Their kind and generous lovely presents were also hugely appreciated as it helped us tremendously in preparing the things we need prior to giving birth.



My husband with Jinky and Imelda

My husband with Jinky and Imelda

My husband's side of the family

My husband’s SIL with her daughter

My husband with some of the boys

My husband with some of the boys





The guests had no qualms joining the parlor games prepared by the host’s husband. They were all so cool about it which added fun and excitement to the event.





I was anxiety-ridden due to my hypertension and previous miscarriage that made staying pregnant tough. I had a bumpy ride with ligament and muscle pains and some swelling issues towards the end of my pregnancy that moving around was a pain in the neck not to mention that my hormones were all over the place- I was typically held hostage.


At some point, I told my husband to forego and just forget about it. But his support and encouragement never waned one bit. I was amazed at how he took things in stride especially in supporting me emotionally. I still do not know what I have done to deserve such a wonderful husband.

We got the chance to reveal Jamie’s gender via cutting of the cake. The guests were excited to know whether it was a he or a she.


It's a HE

It’s a HE!

We took time to read everyone’s messages and also open their gifts for Jamie.

Reading out one of the cards

Reading out one of the cards

Opening some of the presents with excitement

Opening some of the presents with excitement

Before everyone left, we took the time to say our words of appreciation. I can’t help but be misty eyed. We honestly felt their love and support.

Words of thanks and appreciation to everyone present

Words of thanks and appreciation to everyone present

And for that, we give back all the glory to God for giving us the right people who wished us well and who also prayed for a smooth and uneventful pregnancy all the way to delivery.

Photo Credit

Hair and Make-Up
Susie Tsui

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