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What a Bummer!

That moment when I dragged my family very early in the morning to meet up a friend who originally hail from my hometown- General Santos City. We were supposed to pick her up along with her husband at their hotel, my husband offered to drive them to the airport, and spend some time for breakky before their departure back to the Philippines from their New Zealand holiday.

 photo image_14.png

We had to wake up our son at 4:15am so we can get there on time! 😩

Sounds like a plan, right?

 photo image_27.jpeg

My two lovely boys were all set! My husband had to drive an hour one way to get to the City 🙀

But just when we were only 15 minutes away from the hotel they were supposed to be staying at, I informed her that we were actually close; but I was told this:

“Hey, it’s not today. It’s tomorrow!”

And I was like: WTH!!! 😁

It was my bad! I wasn’t precise. I failed to take into account that my friend is spending a lovely holiday with her family. I should have double- checked and counter- checked everything.

It was a shame!

Everything was nicely planned in my head and it all went for naught!

My husband asked:

“How could you miss something as important as this”?

But later on backtracked and retorted:

It’s OK, I am not angry. These things happen. Don’t feel upset.”


I felt so utterly useless and unforgivingly stupid. But thanks to my darling husband who, as always, tried to calm my nerves down and pacified my turmoiled emotion. We had to make a detour and go back home.

It was such a bad start for a weekend we so looked forward to. I take responsibility for wrecking it all. I am hoping what’s left of it won’t be such a waste.

So help me God!

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Just a Little Leap of Faith

In life, we sometimes take risks- we don’t even know where it will take us. But don’t we all aim for one thing?


To achieve success, it seemed normal to make some sacrifices- big or small. In the face of failures, we continue to push forward and have been motivated by the looming success that we can see right at the very end.

It is something pivotal, life-changing to say the very least. Two essential human emotions that normally keep us going forward or backward are Love and Fear respectively.

These two forces are normally intertwined and must co-exist for one to be superior over the other.

Three and a half years ago, I made the most crucial decision in my life. But prior to that, I had a secured job in the Philippine government and a blogging gig on the side with a not-so-meager income combined to boot. Just enough perhaps to buy myself a knickers and a lippy, Lol! 😂

I had a great circle of friends both online and offline who made my life so colorful and meaningful; they filled my life with so much love, joy, and adventure.

Everything was within my comfort zone: my family and I can dine to any restaurant of our choice at anytime, I can do my morning walks to the City’s Oval Plaza at the break of dawn, worked out like a slave at the gym on my lunchbreaks which was only a stone’s throw away from my work place, play badminton at night time with family, workmates, or pals, go to Church, meet up and malling with friends, window shopping, beach getaways, short trips overseas, etc.

My loving and adoring family was also within reach. We had created so many memories over the years. I was in my most comfortable, happiest state, and most of all, I was where everyone wants me to be- safe.

I was in that status quo when my then fiance and I decided to make the monumental move of processing my visa to Australia. When I look back at it now, everything seemed so tedious, taxing, and full of anxiety and apprehensions. I would often declare my doubts of whether or not I would “fit”; and his answer was always on the affirmative- without a shadow of a doubt!

And true enough I did! But it didn’t take much longer when the feeling of homesickness struck me like a disease! I felt so alone in this foreign place- I felt the pangs of pain in my heart and was terribly missing my comfort zone back home!

I began to doubt myself and the choice I had made.

While I was in the midst of my own doubts and fears, strangely enough, I continued to enrich my human abilities by performing the role of a mother and a wife; I also tried to immerse into the new cultural discoveries in Australia; honing my skills at work by expressing my intent to learn more and furthering my knowledge; my cooking experiments were quite a normal sight in the kitchen (LOL!); and furnishing the tiny home we moved into in the beginning of the year kept me preoccupied as well.   I intend to soothe my racing mind; keep it somehow calm and collected by reviving my blogs therefore blogging to my heart’s content once more. I am aware I have done so less for my blogs, I am not here to justify nor attempt to give any lame excuses. For this bit, pardon my indolence.

Despite the negativities and the initial difficulties, I have reached this far and I am not backing down. It was worth every chaotic moment.

In saying that, I am taking the leap of faith on myself right here and now! I am going to conquer my fears, nurture the things that I love doing, and make it flourish. I am reopening my heart to new possibilities, pushing away the unfounded doubts and apprehensions. I am hopeful that I can find more love and laughter in whatever endeavour I wish to undertake.

In our pursuit for success and happiness, the big stumbling block in most cases is ourselves. Indeed, life is too short and far too precious to be too wrapped up in our own fears, thereby robbing us of the joys that we truly deserve!

Love wins! 😘

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Sweet Liberation

It means my husband and I are officially off from work- two weeks for him and four weeks for me. Hurray to that! You might think we will be heading off somewhere but nah! There’s nothing grand that’s planned for this holiday. In fact, it was not premeditated at all. We simply felt the need to break away from the daily grind and get enough rest and sleep. Rest and sleep some more- I could never get enough of both.

Gone were the days where I can roll in bed for as long as I want. Oh well! When I arrived here in Sydney, I felt too itchy to go to work. And when I had been permanently working, I kept looking forward for weekends where I don’t have to go to work. Hahaha! Life’s contradictions can sometimes be confusing 🙁

Anyhow, time ticked by so quick. One week had come and gone. We felt relaxed and productive this week. We’re trying to take it easy and get the most out of our time together. Hopefully, I could get to blog with so much gusto as I initially planned.

Well, let’s see 😉

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The World is Getting Wicked Everyday

Just a week after I moved in here at the pad, the two steel drums that caretakers took time to carry for our rubbish was stolen. How ironic that it was my brother who had to discover it. He arrived very early in the morning to help me out in carrying the desktop table upstairs. I believe that was the only time of his availability. Upon arrival, he noticed our trash scattered infront of the gate. He had to ask me why it was so. I told him it was supposed to be placed inside the drum! That was when we realized that it was stolen as confirmed by the Indian tenants at the other door.

That is how wicked the world is nowadays. One can never stay lax or else.

As quipped in one Tagalog movie here: The world is like a big Quiapo, there are a lot of snatchers”.

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I Need To Work Hard At It

Sometimes I wonder if I can do a part time job. I would want to challenge myself and take on any kind of job especially if it is not within my comfort zone.

Am I kidding myself? NO! I am seriously considering in applying for that particular job.

I would love to try and harness my skills in various aspects. With this job, my IT knowledge will be put to a test. I have to admit it is quite limited. I might consider enrolling in a short term IT course to be able to make myself more equipped in the position desired.

Oh well!

If I really want something, I need to work hard at it. I better make sure I am deserve the position.

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