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Weekend Special #12: A Hearty Brekky

After such a long break from posting our Weekend Specials, please allow me to share a tiny bit on how it fared today.

We have this so-called Sunday tradition wherein we have breakfast after Worship Services with some friends from the Church.

We are not fussy; we just normally go to somewhere close- McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, or any food shop of our fancy. But today, we chose to go to IKEA Restaurant.

Pre-breakky photo image_17.png

With my family pre-brekky

 photo image_29.png

My baby love can’t wait to eat!

We have been at this restaurant a couple of times in the past but for the first time today, I heartily enjoyed my share of breakfast. It’s not only the food, but we occupied a really good spot which I find too cosy an ambiance. Of course, I am not discounting the fact that we were in the company of wonderful people; that made it even more special.

So what’s for brekky?
My husband and I both chose English traditional breakfast. He felt upset because he paid for soda only to find out that there was none; however, there was an abundance of citrous fruit drinks in lieu of soda. Being the soda drinker that he is, his meal wasn’t complete 😩. Anyhow, he got over it in the end.

Mahal ko photo image_22.png

Can you not see it? ;-)

We picked a small cut of cake for our dessert, and out of impulse, we also grabbed a piece of cinnamon bread; which we didn’t end up eating. We were just way too full!

Food photo image_18.png

English Traditional Breakfast- meatballs, tomato, hash brown, bacon, and scrambled egg

More food photo image_19.png

Our companions choices of food.

I consider it our brunch (breakfast and lunch combined) as we normally have it around 30 minutes past 10, and by the time we’re done, it’s almost 12 noon!

Just me photo image_21.png

That obligatory foodgram pose. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ah well, drinks at hand in this instance ;-)

Family photo photo image_20.png

We are all set for our meals!

For our small eater, we chose a small meal which consisted of bacon, scrambled egg, and hash brown. He didn’t eat much as he was still suffering from a bad onslaught of the cold, cough, and slight fever.

Grumpy little son photo image_23.png

Our small eater 🍽

He was a bit grumpy but as soon as he was freed from his pram, he felt happier. He just loves to be up and about!

Happy boy photo image_24.png

Spell freedom!

Eating our hearty meals in between tΓͺte-Γ -tΓͺteΒ was fun! We haven’t even noticed how time went by so quickly!

 photo image_27.png

With the whole bunch of us- minus my son :-)

 photo image_25.png

Happy us!

 photo image_26.png

The girls!

Overall, it was a time well spent with beautiful people!

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Weekend Special #11: Jamie is Love

I haven’t had the chance to publish as much update as I want to but as I previously mentioned, I will do my best to update at least once a week across my blogs- it could be a Wednesday or over the weekend; depending on my availability.

This weekend is rather special; it is Jamie’s second Anniversary Thanksgiving in the Church. I spent my time last week shopping for a nice and presentable outfit for him for this ocassion. After so much fuss and dramas (I will write a separate post on this), my husband and I were quite happy with our choice.

As uploading photos will take too much of my time and will also take up too much space on my webhost, I opted to compile some photos from today in one short trailer video.

Have fun watching! 😘

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Weekend Special #10: Thai Massage Experience

Sunday was hugely anticipated by the big Prince. We had been putting off this booking because of other family emergencies.

For the record, this is quite something for him because he never had one before. I am talking about a relaxing and soothing form of massage.

I am used to him saying things in jest, such as: “I never allowed anyone touching my sexy body except for my lovely wife!”

I know right? πŸ˜‰ He can be soo funny!

I got my Thai massage gift voucher for Mother’s Day. Thanks to my wonderful husband! On the other hand, he got one for his birthday. I wonder who it’s from? LOL! We felt we both deserve some self-pampering.

We decided to book an appointment together and specifically scheduled it on a chilly Sunday in winter.

At the reception desk

At the reception desk

The place was fully booked out. Lucky we did our booking a day before.

It was an entirely refreshing, relaxing, and soothing massage for him. I was glad he loved the experience.

We felt rejuvenated after getting rid of all the stresses and tensions off our system.

A hot cup pf tea was served after the session

A hot cup pf tea was served after the session

When asked if he wanted to do it again, my husband simply retorted: “Of course”! πŸ˜‰

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Weekend Special #9: Brief Reprieve from the Brutal Winter Chills

We had a bright, warm, sunny weather today. This warm spell had given us a reprieve from the harsh cold season.

I personally never liked winter. It’s even worse for my ageing mother. The long stretch of consecutive days of rain did not help us either. It only made us want to keep hibernating like a cocoon at home.

When the weather turned unexpectedly warm after Church, my husband asked me if I like the idea of us strolling around the neighborhood. Our not-so-newborn baby love was still asleep so we can’t take him with us. My Mum offered to feed him once he wakes up so we can have a longer stretch.

We actually missed doing this as we used to go walking together every once in a while. I have resumed my daily walking routine but I had to call a halt when I got a bout of cold and cough. I felt so much better couple of days after just doing natural home remedies: boiled ginger with honey. I could vouch for its potency and power.

So off we braved the sunny Sunday in winter. I adored the feeling of the sun warming my skin. It took us 45 minutes walking around the neighborhood and we enjoyed “house watching”. LOL!


We’ve exchanged pleasantries to a couple of people in the walkways. It’s refreshing to have exchanged “Hi’s”, Hello’s”, or any other similar greetings at any hour of the day to people unknown to us. It’s actually plain and common courtesy.

That pretty much sum up our weekend. It’s an enjoyable brief reprieve from the brutal winter chills.

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Weekend Special #8: Caught on Video

The past week had been quite a busy time for us. It was a long weekend and some plans were laid out a few weeks before that.

As my husband and I planned on spending time with some Church pals at The Entrance, New South Wales, I mentioned to him that we also need to spend precious moments with my lovely mother-in-law. My MIL specifically wanted to go to a park surrounded by water. We all then planned of going somewhere close to spare me from traveling a long way.

We did have an enjoyable and fun day! It was the best time to unwind, relax and simply enjoy each others’ company.

I love that my beautiful MIL is all so groovy and game in every photo takes. She has learned to love smiling for the camera; the fact can not be discounted that the camera loves her too! πŸ˜‰ I guess she has gotten used to it and learned over time that being with me means taking a snap of anything is the norm πŸ˜‰

These were only but a few video captures taken on that day. By watching them, you can see how fun the day turned out to be.

The first video was just a random talk between the three of us wherein I was pretending to be capturing them only by the medium called pictures. They were both tricked in the beginning! Hahahaha! πŸ˜†

I find the second video extremely hilarious! Why not? My Prince had a posing fit infront of me without suspecting that I caught him on video! As soon as he realized it was a video capture, he instantly walked off! Hahaha! πŸ˜†

Oh well! The paparazzi could not simply get away from it all without some sweet revenge from my husband! LOL! πŸ˜† :roll:

The last video aptly captured my choreography skills when taking photographs. LOL! And mind you, it also showed how an obedient subject my MIL was. πŸ˜€

We spent five hours at the park without even realizing the time had gone by so quick! It was one of our best day out by far and we look forward to spending more time together as a family especially that summer is just around the corner. πŸ™‚

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