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The Excitement Over the Easter Long Holiday Break

We so looked forward for this. It is the longest weekend break of the year and we felt excited that we can get some beautiful family bonding. We initially hadn’t planned anything until I vividly recalled that my Prince promised me a road trip once we get ownership of a reliable car.

All set for the long ride! Long Easter break officially began on a Good Friday!

All set for the long ride! Long Easter break officially began on a Good Friday!

It did ring a bell so I immediately asked him “nicely” if we could go to the Grand Pacific Drive, a well known two-day road trip around New South Wales. He must have felt harassed about me “nagging” him going somewhere for the long weekend. LOL! I just felt the itch to go places and not be too wrapped up in my own misery. Unfortunately, some friends dissuaded us to do the trip at this time because the roads are too congested; there’s just too many people on the road heading just about everywhere. So Ok, fine! Lainy, you better behave! Ha! Ha! Ha! ;-)

But then again, I can not let this opportunity pass without doing something memorable for us as a family. This is the only time in our hands where we can plan out something special. Until my Prince finally “gave in” and suggested for us to go to Jenolan Caves instead of a two-day road trip.

Jenolan Caves, off we go!

Jenolan Caves, off we go!

I was thrilled to my bones! I have never been to any caves in my life except going to the Bat Colony at Monfort Cave, Samal Island in Davao City. There was no way we could ever go inside the Bat Cave obviously for fear of being eaten alive by the colony of bats. Ha! Ha! Ha!

I did the booking a few days before Good Friday. We were told that it’s pretty busy right up there in the mountains at the caves with lots of tourists coming around for the long weekend. Well, at least we have been forewarned.

The Official Receipt and the cave tour itinerary tickets

The Official Receipt and the cave tour itinerary tickets

More tickets which are valid until 2015

Tickets which are valid until 2015

This was truly one fun and enjoyable day for my family here in Sydney. We’ve had an entirely lovely day! I love that we were able to create this once in a lifetime memory that will surely be forever etched in our hearts.

One more round of selfie after the Imperial Cave tour

One more round of selfie after the Imperial Cave tour

I shall comprehensively publish separately our long trip to Jenolan Caves at my travel blog over at My Wanderlust once I get settled in and had a good rest after the long and winding trip to the mountains :-)

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A Commuter’s Lament

Two days of the working week went by so quick. Before I know it, it’s gonna be the weekend again.


As I speak, or better yet, as I was writing this on the train, I come to think of how I am getting accustomed to commuting. Most times I dread it especially today because it was raining cats and dogs almost the entire day. I was dripping wet on the way to the bus stop. Of all the times that I have to forget bringing along my umbrella with me, why does it have to be now???

Anyhow, I survived :)

When it’s raining here, it’s like a rather mild drizzle back home. When it’s a heavy downpour, they call it storm ;)

The mode of public transportation in Sydney is only by train and bus.

Going back to my struggles as a commuter, it’s gross when you’re seated next to someone who didn’t even bother to put on a deodorant-if you know what I mean. I simply stop breathing the entire journey! Good thing I didn’t puke! Sorry! LOL!

Commuters at the train station

Commuters at the train station

What’s even more annoying is when you try to get an eye shut but some commuters were simply too inconsiderate talking so loudly on their mobile phones. They forget that they weren’t in the comfort of their own homes!

No! He's not the culprit. LOL!

No! He’s not the culprit. LOL!

A view from inside the bus

Inside the bus

Anzac Bridge is always a sight to behold!

Anzac Bridge is always a sight to behold!

And what about when I have to walk-run-run fast just to be able to catch the earliest train and bus? How I would have loved to wear a decent high heeled footwear to work but I don’t want to sacrifice comfort over fashionable appearance.


Just a few of the commuters very early in the morning

One of the metro buses I take after a train ride

One of the metro buses I take after a train ride

So much for my lamentations!

Let’s focus on the good side this time.

Obviously, I am loving it while on the smooth train travel. No congested traffic to beat. I don’t feel bored at all. I utilize the time getting in touch with friends and lovedones.

But hey!

I remembered there was one instance when I went past the suburb where I was supposed to get off. I was so engrossed with the chat that I never really noticed I went past it. Lol! That was one lesson learned!

I also get a chance to compose drafts on my blogs via my iphone which I have to proofread prior to publication when I am infront of the lappy. That saved me a helluva lot of time! Talk about making use of the time and the internet data to the hilt! :)

One thing significant here too is that commuters come from various walks of life. A lot of the people here commute because it’s hard to find a parking space in the City. And if ever they find one, it will cost them a bomb per hour! It’s not even worth it to pay $40 or more for only 3 hours!

Personally, even if I could drive, I’d still opt to commute. I believe the pros of commuting outweighs all the cons.

Predicaments of motorists: Congested traffic

Predicaments of motorists: Congested traffic

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Bienvenida a Zamboanga

The most anticipated arrival at Dapitan City was exhausting. It was the longest road trip I’ve ever had thus far. However, I was very excited with this trip as the places we were scheduled to visit were something new to me. It was a complete contrast to what I’ve felt several months ago before taking the trip.

Camera shy? No Way! LOL!

As I’ve earlier mentioned in my other post H E R E, we had so much time in our hands to relax and prepare for the Bienvenida a Zamboanga. This was a welcome party for the delegates prepared by the host region- Region IX.

My Aunt went with us as we had to first attend church before proceeding to the venue, Dakak Park and Beach Resort.

My Aunt and I

We immediately proceeded to the venue after Church. As we entered the venue, we can feel the festive mood. Each region wore their respective regional colors. For Region XII, it’s red.

We were bound to feel festive with the classy ambiance of the Thai Restaurant at Dakak

The occasion was graced by no less than the COMELEC Chairman Sixto S. Brilliantes, Jr.

COMELEC Chairman Brilliantes

The highlight of the night was the Dance Sport competition wherein the 6 competing regions in Mindanao cheered for their respective representatives.

Dance Sport Competition

The night was even made livelier when a Director from the Central Office showed off her dancing skills on the dance floor.

The Director of the Planning Department. Isn't she great? :-)

After the program preliminaries and highlight, everyone was on center stage. We all danced the night away. It was a night of merriment and we took this chance to pose with the higher ups of the Commission.

With Commissioner Sixto Brilliantes (left) and Director Jose M. Tolentino, Jr (Right)

With Election Officers and Election Assistants of Region XII

As we went outside of the Thai Restaurant, that’s the time that we got the chance to explore Dakak more. You sure knew what followed suit ;-)

In the spirit of goodwill, we had the chance to pose with some personnel of the host region, the green team.

Some souvenir items

Yours truly and no one else, haha!

We haven’t got the chance to see the beautiful Dakak beach at day time because all events held in Dakak were scheduled at night. We just contented ourselves posing for the cam at the white sand by the beach as well as it’s restaurant.

With my co-workers

Just goofing around

We all felt hungry after a night of endless photoshoots, LOL! I now realized it’s so hard to be a model, bwahahaha! We then decided to order a hamburger which was rather pricey. It took so long for our order to arrive and so we decided to take it out.

The pricey hamburger at Dakak

We went back to our hotel at past midnight. Wasn’t it so obvious that we’ve had a really wonderful time? ;-)

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Beautiful Memories of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Warning: Picture overload ahead…

The last time I was on the road, it was for an official trip. We went to two neighboring towns to attend both the Farewell and Welcome Party of the outgoing and incoming Directors in our region respectively.

South Cotabato Personnel prepared for this simple event

I was ecstatic before making the trip because it has been years since I last set foot in South Cotabato’s famous tourist spot, Lake Sebu, the venue for the occasion.

Lake Sebu is one of the most preserved watershed in the archipelago.

Beautiful Lake Sebu

Before we proceeded to Lake Sebu, we had to stop by at Sultan Kudarat to attend a similar event. The Boss was with us so we simply had no choice.

Lovely anthurium

On our way to our first stop- Sultan Kudarat and to our final destination- Lake Sebu

Verdant green ricefields along the highway

There are a helluva lot of reasons why Lake Sebu is a special place to visit.

First, it brought me a lot of memories with my previous job when I did community work, specifically giving out Parenting Sessions with the T’bolis in the hinterlands.

Second, it’s known for its natural and cultural attractions that make the trip to this place worth your while. Lake Sebu boasts of its 7 majestic falls and its highest zipline measuring 700 meters deep.


Third, it’s famous for tilapia raising where they take pride in cooking all tilapia cuisines- kinilaw (raw fish cubed and marinated in vinegar or Calamansi juice along with garlic, onions, ginger, tomato and various peppers), paksiw (Filipino dish consisting of fish cooked in vinegar, garlic and salt), grilled, fried, chicharon… name it, they have it!

Have a heart for these tilapias, baby!

Fried tilapia

Grilled Tilapia

It’s worth mentioning that chicharon made out of tilapia and the kinilaw were the first ones that were consumed and in a wink of an eye, the plates were empty, LOL! That’s why you can’t see any photos of them, hahaha!

Fruits here can be found everywhere

Now that surely made you drool. I am sorry but that wasn’t the intention ;-)

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go to the 7 Falls because we weren’t there for leisure but to attend an event.

Of course, we did some photo takes for posterity sake :-)

Yours truly in sitting position at Sultan Kudarat.

That's me again in full body view this time around, hahaha!

Nature at its best!

Lovely water lilies

Yours truly and a subordinate can't help but take our poses, LOL!

My Co-Assistant and a subordinate goofing around while waiting for the program to begin

A pose with the big Bosses (the two guys on your right)

I just need to mention that our Provincial Supervisor is my schoolmate in college. We graduated on the same year. He took Bachelor of Arts major in English and graduated with Honors while I finished majoring in Political Science (without Honor but pride all intact, hahaha!). He must be so serious in his desire to become a Lawyer so he enrolled in the Law School right after graduation. I wasn’t surprised when he became a lawyer at such a young age and later on became one of the young bosses in the Commission.

The young lawyer while delivering his opening message to the personnel in attendance

Guess who's the youngest of them all? ;-)

The new Director imbibing some words of inspiration

The blogger Boss while giving out a simple token to the outgoing Director

The new Director's turn to receive the token

The day was filled not only with beautiful memories of the lovely Lake Sebu but also a lot of learnings about this remarkable job that I had embraced some years back. I hope to be able to deliver the goods as expected of me being a civil servant of the country.

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Hectic Day at KL

We took delight mostly of the fruits laid down on the buffet table during breakfast at a hotel in KL.

Star and I had it late coz we took our time and had a good rest after our arrival at the airport at dawn, 1am. We arrived at the hotel at about 3 in the morning,

At about 8am, Windy called me up in my Globe number saying: “Welcome to beautiful Malaysia!” I lost him on the line after a while and it was then when I knew that when Globe sim was enrolled to roaming service, all incoming calls shall be charged on my account, arrrrgghhh! I had no choice but to purchase a Malaysian simcard :-)

It was a short stay and we had to prepare ourselves to check out of the hotel room after breakfast. Though we didn’t have enough sleep, we were looking forward to have an exciting bus ride from KL to Singapore.

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