Lainy a.k.a Scotty’s Princess is a Stylish Blogger :-)

Stylish (stlsh)

adj. having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress (or in this case blogs); being or in accordance with current social fashions;

Syn: Smart, chic, polished. trendy, classy, modish, voguish. (The Free Dictionary)

Having read the above definition of the fabulous award that was handed over to me by Pinay Expat, I can’t help but exclaim:

WOW! What have I done to deserve this? LOL!

I am so overwhelmed and flattered to be noticed as a stylish blogger. I haven’t posted an award of the same kind for a long, long time. That’s why this one is a “big” deal to me :-) Thank you very much for the recognition!


Thank and link back the person who gave you this award ==> Thank you heaps, Pinay Expat!

Share 7 things about yourself.

  1. I once dreamt of becoming a lawyer that’s why I took a Bachelor’s degree that’s a preparatory course for the Law School. I’ve recently attended the  University Alumni Homecoming and it’s great to see a whole bunch of schoolmates who made it and are now lawyers.
  2. I always love to be trendy and different. But more often than not, I prefer to dress for comfort and not for fashion.
  3. I love reading since I was a kid. I’ve read Komiks when I was in Grade School. Most of my classmates tease me for doing so, LOL! My taste somehow levelled up over the years, hahaha!
  4. Apart from blogging, I work on a 8-5 basis as a civil servant 😉
  5. I adore our Shih Tzu pup named Ewoks“.
  6. It was a real frustration when Lainy’s Musings and this blog were hacked on two separate occasions. Though I was able to retrieve this blog, I was back on square one. The domain was stolen from me. I had to buy a new one. Windy tried his hardest to retrieve the huge number of comments which dates back from 2007 but unfortunately, he failed. I had to resubmit this blog to the blogging affiliate I was working with but was told that I can only write for them again once I have regained the PR as well as the traffic. Sigh! Despite the blogging setbacks, I am still here and will continue to blog for as long as there’s $$$ in writing, hahaha! But lo and behold!  Writing has always been a passion. It was the first thing that lured me to blog, monetary revenue was only secondary back then, if I can say it non-hypocritically.
  7. I am a fan of wonderful and intelligent bloggers who can write proficiently. I wish I can properly articulate myself like they do. English is only my second language so pardon me if I am not too adept in the command of the language.

Award 15 great bloggers you know.

  1. Ally of In the Eyes of the Beholder
  2. Twerlyn of Twerlyn’s Way of  Thinking
  3. Recel of Rare Ordinary Thoughts
  4. Lira of Tasteful Voyage
  5. Jenn of My Sweet Haven
  6. Juliana of Juliana’s World
  7. Syari of Celebrating Life
  8. Lynn of My So-Called World
  9. Honey of Honey’s Inlove
  10. Bill of My Piece of Paradise
  11. Monica of Turn U Off
  12. Mariuca of Wishing on a Falling Star
  13. Hazel of My Comfort Zone
  14. Nancy of Just the Way it Is
  15. JK of See Me for What You Will

Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award ==> I just did 😉

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22 responses to “Lainy a.k.a Scotty’s Princess is a Stylish Blogger :-)

  1. Woo hoo!! I just received this one for my new food blog and now another from the awesome Lainy for my main blog, love it sweetie!! :):):)

    Thanks so much for thinking of me with this one, hugs! :)

    • I was thinking of handing it over to your new foodie blog, GP but thought of sticking with your main blog for the moment, hihihi!

      You so deserve this one, Sweetie!

      Hugs back to you! :-)

  2. Ooooh I also adore Ewoks so cute!!!

  3. Sosyal! Stylish diay ko? hehehehe I haven’t been updating my blogs lately. Puro lang mga surveys. I will try. Thanks you so much for this, Lainy. You are such a sweet girl.

  4. naks! thanks te! will post this on my blog soon! 😀

    are u kidding? “not too adept in the command of the language”?? sino may sabi? galing2x mo nga eh! idol nga kita eh! hehehe…

    tc te! mwah!

  5. congratulations on your award!!

  6. Oi, lamat ani, Laine. World na diay akong blog ron, di na life. Mas dako dako na. Haha. Will grab this soon. Hope everything is well with you. Sometimes napapaisip ako sa mga posts mo. (“,) Mwahugs!

  7. ako sad tung una mahilig ug komiks wahahaha

  8. Hey there Lainy! :) Thanks for the award Lainy. *Hugz* Will post it on my blog as soon as I have the time. Also have to think of the 7 things to say about myself. LOL Brain a bit hazy, wasn’t feeling too well and slowly recovering.

    • Hi Syari! You are most welcome :-) No pressure, dearie. You can do it only when you can find the time. I will be looking forward for the 7 things about you 😉

      Oh! What happened? I hope you get better quick, Dearie.

      Love and Hugs back to you!

  9. glad to know some facts about your gurl…:) ako d jud ko kau mahilig sa books…magz lang ako ganahan…ehhehee!

    wa jud batasan ning mga hackers.

    • Hi Dhemz. There are actually a lot more to share but the rules asked for only 7, LOL!

      I love any kind of reading materials. Apart from Komiks, I’ve read all the Teacher’s Journal of my Aunt when I was just 10 years old. There were lots of them coz she’s a subscriber. Wa nako kahinumdom sa uban nga akoang gipangbasa, hahaha. Basta kay ang resulta daot akong mata, hahay!

      Walay batasan mo lang! Maka-trauma lagi.

  10. Congrats sa award. hehe. Sorry, now lang ka comment kay busy pa life. igo ra ko muagi sa imo blog kay nag adgi ko..mubasa ko gamay pero wa ra ko nag comment. hehe…ka hawd nimo mo English ah! hehehe.

    Anywy, di pa ko tapos i-add imo blogs sa other blogs ko…ako ra gihinay-hinayan hehe.

    heto ang sa akin:

    Thanks kaayo Brainy Lainy…muah!!

    • Thanks Sexy Kat! No need to apologize. I do understand. I can’t keep up with commenting as well but I always drop a few lines whenever I get the chance.

      Thanks for the compliment.

      Will add up your blogs soon. I will let you know once I am done.

      Brainy Lainy man jud. Maulaw ta ana, haha!

      Thanks for dropping by :-)

  11. Hi. Congrats for the award.
    I had the same reaction when I was tagged for the this award. I’m not sure if my blog is stylish enough.
    Congrats and have a great weekend!

    • Hi C.A.T. You being an artist, your blog sure is more deserving of the award.

      Thanks for gracing my blog with your presence. I had a wonderful weekend. I hope you had one too.

      See yah!

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