My Brother’s Birthday Bash

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Warning: Quite a long post ahead. Please bear with me 🙂

We all had a fun time when we celebrated my brother’s birthday. It wasn’t only  a fun day but a yummy day as well with all the delectable dishes that were laid down on the table 😉

My preparation began the day before his red-letter day. I went grocery shopping which made me feeling sick when I reached home.  Sounds not fun at all yeah? 🙁

I am used to preparing everything when a member of the family celebrates their special day. I always want it to be something fun and special for them. Dining out at a fine restaurant was an option.

I actually didn’t planned something grand but since I have one menu that I want to experiment on, I overdid the grocery shopping and bought more than what I needed, LOL! It’s because I also want people at work to have a taste of my experimentation, hahahaha!

I was overly excited preparing the ingredients for my special menu. Can’t you see I am such a trying hard cook? LOL! This is the first time I am cooking this recipe. I have been keeping a close watch on the time to be able to finish everything before lunch so I could transport the prepared meal at work and at the same time, my brother’s celebration of his birthday for lunch.

Don’t laugh at me but this menu may just be ordinary to most of you especially to our Ilocano brothers and sisters but this one is my own version, LOL!

Dinakdakan: My own version, hahaha!

It ended up to be a grand cookout day, haha! We prepared other more recipes because of my Muslim subordinates who can’t eat my Dinakdakan menu. We also had honey glazed chicken, beef lumpia, kinilaw and grilled panga. Sounds so delish, aint right?

We finished everything right on time. The birthday celebrant and his friends had a feast on the foods that were laid down on the table.

Honey glazed chicken

Beef Lumpia

The driver of the Boss picked me up at home since the meals for lunch are with me. Before I left for work, I instructed them to get some captures of the occasion while I was at work- for the blogs’ sake, LOL!

The birthday boy with my Mom and some of his friends

But lo and behold!

The celebration and fun didn’t end at lunch time. We went to dine out at a restaurant as originally planned. But since it was a Thursday, we all went first to attend the mid-week Worship Service. We attended at different locales. That only means we didn’t arrived together all at the same time at the restaurant. My SIL and I had to wait for about 30 minutes. I took the chance of posing for the cam while waiting for the rest of them, LOL!  I obviously had fun 😉


Hide the bulges, baby! LOL!

When the rest of the gang arrived, it wasn’t too long till our orders were served. We all had a feast once more on the sumptuous meals we ordered. Being a seafood restaurant, we ordered crabs as the specialty of the house. Too bad we failed to click the shutter before the plate went empty, haha! We had kinilaw for the second time (they seem can’t get enough of it, hehe), pork and tuna sinigang, lechong kawali, beef brisket, T-bone steak, and fish fillet. All so good for the HBP, huh? 😉 I didn’t think of my diet that night. I just devoured my taste buds on the delicious foods laid down on the table. It definitely was a night of love affair with my belly relishing the good taste of  food oh food! 🙂


Fish fillet sweet and sour

Java Rice

T-bone steak

I believe my brother had a blast especially when the crew of the restaurant began to sing their happy birthday greetings while we were in the middle of a good meal.

The restaurant crew singing out "Happy Birthday To You"

My brother looked so surprised! He was grinning from ear to ear. He had a  black forest mini-cake.

The black forest minicake. So cute like the celebrant, hahahaha!

I made sure his birthday won’t pass without him having a blow on the candle while muttering in silence his birthday wishes.

Blow the candle!

It wasn’t obvious in the photos that the crew handed out the cake to the wrong person by mistake, hahaha! It certainly was a fun night!

Lot’s of photos to boost! Go take a look for more:

My lovely Mom and I

The gang

My family


With my brothers

The 3 musketeers posing wacky!

We all had a grand time! It was a fun birthday celebration for my brother. It was made even special because he was able to celebrate the occasion with family and friends. The naughty boy however can’t help but wish the expenses for the occasion was converted to cash, hahahaha!

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24 responses to “My Brother’s Birthday Bash

  1. Heya sexy lady au ka ani Lainy. 🙂 Loved your dress. Ka-swerte ni bro oi, maayo kaayo moamping iyang Ate. What a happy celebration. You can see his big smiles in the pictures and everyone is having fun. 🙂


    Lainybelle Reply:

    Hi Mel! It has been a long time!

    Thanks for the beautiful adjectives. Ana jud na basta Ate, hehe! We all had a great time. Sana maulit muli ang drama, hehe!

    Thanks for coming by, Mel.

    See yah!


  2. haha! lingawa ui! i can imagine the fun jud! haayyy…. miss the food and the gang! Belated happy birthday Tog! mwaaah!


    Lainybelle Reply:

    Hahaha! Sinabi mo pa, Bang! You surely missed the fun! 😉


  3. Wow! lots of delicious foodies. Your brother sure had a blast on his birthday. Hehe trying hard cook pud diay Lain. I am not familiar with Dinakdakan pero murag lami na hasta ning uban pang foods ngari.

    You look pretty and sexy in your outfit Lain, naibog jud ko sa shoes ba. hehehe. Your mother looks young. It’s nice to meet your family, bisan diri lang sa blog. Great family!


    Lainybelle Reply:

    He did, Sweetie! AS in sa pagkatrying hard cook nalang jud Chie, LOL! Spicy ng dinakdakan Chie. Lami na ipulutan sa mga manginginom, hehe! Igsoon lang na sa sisig 😉

    Thanks for the heartwarming compliments, Chie. Haha! Daghan namo naibog sa shoes ba. Usahay ra pud baya nako suoton kay sakit akoang tiil sinuot ana, LOL!

    My mother would sure love the nice compliment, Chie. Salamat. Nice to meet you here at the blogs, too. You’re one of the nicest and friendliest bloggers around.



  4. Your lil bro is so lucky to have you as big sistah lainy, kung trying hard cook ka, my I have no clue kung anong titel sa cook ko, trashy cook nalng siguro kasi kung hindi sunog, walang lasa o kaya out of this world na walang recipe heehe. Sarap ng mga foodies dito


    Lainybelle Reply:

    Hahahaha! Napakabrutal na description naman yan Shy, LOL! Di naman siguro 😉

    Thank you for being here.

    See yah!


  5. wow, bonggacious man kau ang celebration…kalami sa foodies woi…tulo lang man atong laway….:)

    nahan ko sa new hairdo ni mader nimo Lain…bagay na bagay sa kanya….you rock the dress and the shoes….:) mura man ug excutive naka lingkod da….ehhehehe

    dropping by here dear!


    Lainybelle Reply:

    Lami jud kaayo Dhemz. Love my own cooking ang drama, hahahaha!

    Thanks for appreciating her new hairdo.

    LOL! Executive man jud, hahahaha! Feeling lang kaau na. Bored kaau ko hinulat sa mga kauban namo, Pamatay oras nalang posing2 sa camera, hehehehe!

    Thanks for coming by Dhemz and leaving off a comment.

    See yah!


  6. Ang haba nga sis, oh yan natapos ko, haha. Mukhang super saya talaga celebration at mukhang sinulit ng lahat kasi may part 2 pa ang handaan. Hehe


  7. Thank you joining my meme have a great day.



  8. wow! ang sarap naman ng foods lainy. mukhang enjoy na enjoy (and busog na busog kayo.

    anyway, may problem sa link sa first line because there’s a few extra words before the main link to the week 1 post but i’m sure you’re already on your “blogging hiatus”… pagbalik mo na lang….

    Sheryl of GEORYL and Techie She


  9. Pinakaganahan kaayo naku ang last pic! Nice kaayo mo tan-awon Sis! Happy belated birthday sa gwapo nga birthday boy! 🙂


  10. wow! everyone seemed to enjoyed the celebration..:)


  11. Happy birthday to your brother 🙂 delicious foods, makes me hungry 🙁 visiting for YS, hope that you can visit me back too


  12. belated happy birthday to your brother! You look fab and the foods looks delicious.


  13. Angsasarap tingnan, nakakagutom! Belated happy birthday to your brother.
    Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC


  14. geez! that was foodie fun, fun, fun.

    and, must i say, ur mom made me look like her grandma. she rocks!


  15. Oh wow! What a blast! 😉

    Once again, I enjoyed the photos Ate.. especially the last one. Its so cute! ♥


  16. It looks like having a great party with your brother’s birthday, happy birthday to your brother, a little bit late. All food looks so yummy and delicious.


  17. what a fun birthday celebration, delicious foods Sis Lainy 🙂 It makes me really hungry by looking at them 🙂 Dropping some love for Mellow Yellow Monday, hope that you can return the favor too.


  18. lots of food and a joyous birthday celebration, thanks for sharing and hoping to see you again next Green Monday


  19. All the food looks so delicious, Lainy. I miss the kinilaw the most! Visiting from Green Monday. Hope you’ll visit me back.


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