No Holiday For Me!

Tomorrow, April 6, is declared a holiday here in the Philippines by virtue of Proclamation 1699 which the lady President signed on December 24, 2008. This is in lieu of April 9,  which is Holy Thursday, so it was moved to the nearest Monday, April 6. Tomorrow is Araw ng Kagitingan or Day of Valor. I am sure too many people feels jovial because of this 3-day weekend.

But not me! It would still be a normal Monday for me. The first day of the working week. Yeah! You heard me right! No holidays at work not until the Presidential Elections is over. Too bad, huh! I will be working my a$$ off on holidays including Saturdays but except Holy Thursday and Holy Friday. Well, I need to go to work in order for me to live. I haven’t so much choice. That’s the harsh reality in life that we have to face especially if one lives in a Third World country like the Philippines. Sigh!

Anyways, yesterday I was able to visit the mall to purchase some stuffs together with my co-worker Star of The Maiden’s Testimony. I wasn’t able to do it in ages! While we were looking out for some lovely items in the shoe section, I’ve noticed that she  just stood still and looked like she’s going to faint! She told me there’s an earthquake! I felt my heart palpitate and I have felt the shaking of the racks in that section of the mall. I felt very nervous! I just prayed and asked the Lord I don’t wanna die yet. I still would want to meet My Prince in the flesh this year 😉  And God heard my prayers; I am still here and blogging about that very scary experience.

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos

Z O R L O N E!
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39 responses to “No Holiday For Me!

  1. Hello there! I saw this fresh post just now.

    I am sure that it wasn’t His plan to take you along with Star today (and the other people at the mall).

    You still have a lot of unfinished business! LOL.

    The contest for one.

    I hope you enjoyed the rest of the weekend. I just got home from work.


    I don’t have work tomorrow!!! Yahoo! =-X

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  2. Scotty's Princess

    DOkie!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

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  3. Scotty's Princess

    You are too fast! You made it for FC again! Well done! :) :) :)

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  4. Scotty's Princess

    Buti ka pa, walang work bukas, hmmmp!

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  5. >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

  6. wala pa gani natweet! :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

  7. WTF!!! guest!?!?

  8. Scotty's Princess

    Na-tweet kaya Gay noh!

  9. late..pag-ari naku! :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

  10. pakshit lageeeeee kaau! ambot.. >:o

  11. Scotty's Princess

    Ako pud, Gay!

  12. Scotty's Princess

    Balik2 paman gud ka CR! Oi bah, wa pa ka ka-shout sa akoang CBOX. I need your acceptance statement…

  13. pwede diri nlng!?!? receive nimu akong email te!?! 😉

  14. samokan ko uie..nakalimot ko te ba sa akong mga PW..gosh! need to restore all.. :'(

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  15. Scotty's Princess

    Nope! Dili dire puede gay. Sa SHOUTBOX jud Unsa man nga email Gay?

  16. cge cge..wait..coming! 😉

    Recent blog post: At home this summer

  17. whaaaat? as in linog???? yay! that sure was a scary experience sis! but i had some laughs here when u said u don’t wanna die yet. haha… yeah, i think everybody doesn’t want to die yet!

    ka-sumo pud ana ni gma oi.. sige lang holiday. unproductive kaayo. ngano man diri sa america nga bisan holiday, ga-work man mga tawo. nonsense jud na sya sa iyang pagka-economist oi! ambrooot nalang jud. holiday unya ang mga taga-comelec di maka-off? haaay buhay nalang jud!


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  18. Scotty's Princess

    OKIES! Thanks Gay! Mwaaahugs!

  19. read it!?!?

  20. =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O

  21. Scotty's Princess

    Yeah! Thanks Gay!

  22. bluecrystaldude

    Happy Holiday Lainy! :)

  23. bluecrystaldude

    Opst.. What I meant to say is Happy Holiday to all Filipinos! :)

  24. Scotty's Princess

    Thanks BCD! :) :) :)

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  25. sounds SUCKS!!!hehehe JK… but you wouldn’t be enjoying the longgggg holidays….


    Recent blog post: Honest Scrap….

  26. Hi Lainy … Do you mean that you won’t have any days off at Easter at all? You mentioned that you have to work on Good Friday … will you also have to work on holiday Monday (12th)? What a shame …. do you have Easter Eggs (chocolate ones, of course). :)

  27. ???

    “Too bad, huh! I will be working my a$$ off on holidays including Saturdays”

    That’s okay Lainy, your (ahem!) will be filled with lots of $$$. You’re already confessed it.


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  28. Scotty's Princess

    How I wish, Windy! >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

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  29. hello hello. not sure but i guess it’s my first time here in your blog today. it’s a very impressive one i must say! i’ve been to your other blog but not this one. gosh gosh! you are so talented!

    by the way, i hope your monday went well anyway with perhaps… extra pay. hihi.

    have a great day. and hopefully one day, we can exlinks.

    maxi of and :)

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  30. whahaha.. c GG! Guest! 😛 😛

    Recent blog post: MM – Shape Of My Heart by BSB

  31. GG reklamador! hahaha… cge na man bitaw ka kaFC oi.. 😛 😛

    Recent blog post: MM – Shape Of My Heart by BSB

  32. SIS!!!! :* :* :* =-O =-O =-O

    Recent blog post: MM – Shape Of My Heart by BSB

  33. double pay? holiday man…hehehe 😀 😀 :-$ :-$ :-$ daghan kaching sis eh!

    Recent blog post: MM – Shape Of My Heart by BSB

  34. dili paka kuhaon ni Lord kay magkita pa mo ni papa scotty..unsaon na lang..hehehe :* :* :* 😉 😉

    Recent blog post: MM – Shape Of My Heart by BSB

  35. Scotty's Princess

    Thanks peepz for all your remarks! But I am sorry! Got to answer your comments later when I get back from work. I don’t have so much time now…

    Catch you later! :* :* :* :* :* :*

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  36. :'( :'(

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  37. welcome te! 😉

    Recent blog post: BYE BYE College Life

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