Pretty Busy Weekend

The weekend was well spent with work, the purchase of some stuff for our travel come December, church, a wee bit of cam whoring (LOL!) and paying my family a visit especially my Morning Dew, Xyle, who just turned one month old yesterday 🙂

Tita Mom With Xyle

Xyle... a month after :-)

Trying to master the art of self-portrait, whole bod version, LOL!

Up close, some body shot in the mirror, hahahaha!

One more try. I told yah! It was a day of cam whoring 😉 Pardon the swollen eye bags 🙂

I also got the chance to be with my Aunt who got cervical cancer before she traveled back to Davao City with some more treatment procedures. I accompanied her to shop for some clothes one evening. She complained I was too quick when I walk. I had to do it slow so that she could keep up with my pacing. She got hungry after her shopping spree. We had difficulty choosing the food that’s good for her. We ended up at Chowking. She told me she missed her fave Shanghai Lauriat. I ordered the same menu too 😉

Chowking Shanghai Lauriat... I had a full lunch!

My Aunt obviously enjoying her meal

I also got the chance to bond with some subordinates right after work on Saturday when we did some purchase needed for our travel, e.g., storage box, kitchen essentials, etc. Do take note that I was all geared up to hit the gym, LOL!

Mischievous faces at the mall 🙂

The lovely Star and yours truly

The last girls standing 😉


Their kind of appetizer

My kind of meal (with veggies)

The highlight for the weekend was when my mother and I had a facial spa together at a friend’s beauty shop. We got another round of hair treatment all for FREE 🙂

My Mom at the far end having her face lift session :-)

Is that me?

If I may just mention, what we’ve purchased were mostly travel essentials for the Goodwill Games apart from my dart flight 🙂

Dart shaft and flight

I also had the need to buy a new sneakers for the Goodwill Games as what I have owned were all worn out from playing badminton and hitting the gym. This is the very first time that I have invested quite a good sum of money just for sneakers. Mercy! Why is it that I don’t feel guilty at all? Hahaha!

I feel happy with my purchase of Skechers Status Series Point-Blank Sneakers Shoes. Had it not been on sale, I wouldn’t dare spend a cent! It was on a marked down price- from a hefty sum of $86 down to $62.

Skechers Status Series Point-Blank Sneakers Shoes

Skechers it is!


The Mindanao Goodwill Games is fast approaching but I haven’t practiced well enough just yet. I need to double my effort this week to do some more practice in preparation for the dart tourney.

I feel the need to mention that I have been pretty motivated hitting the gym last week. For the past months, I was always good only in the beginning but last week, it was different. I did it four times in a row for the first time.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

I must say I am getting hooked doing some cardio and working on my abs, hahaha! I can only hope it will reap better results pretty soon 🙂

Where am I?

Worn out sneakers 🙁

Oh well!

I am so looking forward for this week’s events. Earlier, I ‘ve attended Bottomline’s big bash after hitting the gym. I declared him 40 years old forever since last year, LOL! Tomorrow is another big day for me as we’re scheduled to hit the road for the monthly meeting of all employees of the province. It’s my Aunt’s birthday too! She’s tasked to prepare some good lunch for us 😉 I can’t wait to devour the sumptuous cuisines tomorrow. Hahahaha! 🙂

That’s it for now. Thank you for sticking.

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49 responses to “Pretty Busy Weekend

  1. Great post my friend. Looks like you had a busy one. Also check out those sexy legs woot woot hahahaha. I see you going to the gym also. Work that body LOL. So you taking a trip in December so am i am LOL. Have a great week my dear sweet friend.


    Lainybelle Reply:


    Thank you, Bill! I had a toxic one.

    Hahaha! I didn’t see the legs. I actually took out the photo exposing my legs, LOL!

    Oh! Where will you be headed come December? Will you be out of the country?

    You have a great week too, Bill.

    See yah!


  2. Hi Lainz! Wow naman wala akong masabi sa very hectic schedule mo last week end. It’s good that you’re keeping yourself busy. It’s a key kasi to forget about our worries. If I only have a chance to be real busy, Probably…I would love to. Super nova ka talaga. Hahaha! By the way, yang new sneakers mo na ang tatawagin kong “power shoes”.

    I really admire your personality, outgoing, care free and free spirited! But…on the other side of it, you’re so loving, sweet and spontaneous. I wonder san nang gagaling ang stamina mo.

    I notice…mukang may epekto yata ang regular visit mo sa gym, you have a great body. Keep it going! 🙂


    Lainybelle Reply:


    Hey Krizz! I am keeping myself busy to break the worry habit.

    Don’t you think I deserve this power shoes? LOL!

    Oh my! You just held me speechless! Thanks for the beautiful compliments. I can’t say more!

    Uy! Di pa naman nakikita, haha! Don’t be deceived by the photos, Krizzy. Hehe! 😉


  3. hi! Sis

    si morning dew grew bigger. I can see it. nakakaaliw talaga. minsan a hectic week is better than being idle hahaha.

    have a great day Sis.


    Lainybelle Reply:


    Hey Sis! Oo nga, lumaki na si Morning Dew ko. He is scheduled to be dedicated at church later tonight 🙂 I am excited. Mukhang ako ang Mom, hahaha!

    May you have a great day ahead too, Sis.



  4. Bagay na maging mommy hehehe.

    My Ruby Tuesday post, come and see.


    Lainybelle Reply:


    AY! Di pa naman, Rose. Hehe!


  5. ka-sexy naman talaga ni Lainy! and happy first month to your morning dew, xyle 🙂

    uy salamat sa mga comments. i haven’t mailed your post card yet. i just got back in manila from bicol a couple of hours ago. medyo nag sneak in lang saglit sa internet while resting. maya maya i’m sure busy na naman kami. but i will make sure to send you the post card by next week 😉

    sige, laine, dito muna. i still have to visit rovie, krizza, reese, algene, and the rest of our blogging buddies ^^ will visit you again here! ciao for now. and take care.



    Lainybelle Reply:


    And look who’s here! Hahaha! Eto naba ang iyong comeback with a vengeance, KM?

    Xyle said: Thanks Tita KM 😉

    I am so looking forward for the postcards, KM. Thanks for checking us out kahit na alam kong busy ka sa bakasyon mo. Nakakatouch naman.

    Oh sya! Ingat ka dyan and can’t wait to have you back.

    Hugs back to you!


  6. Ate ellaine, super busy ka nga, haha… I started a new blog and it’s now more personal so I can directly communicate again sa mga fellow bloggers natin sa blogosphere.. meron ako contest, join ka ha, hehe…

    mzta na po?


    Lainybelle Reply:

    @Joliber Mapiles,

    Hey Joliber!

    Anong balita? Kumusta na? Sobrang namiss ko ang presence mo dito. Sana naman tuloy-tuloy na eto. I will have to check out your new blog later again tonight pag early akong nakauwi galing sa kapilya. Ihahandog ang pamangkin ko eh tapos kakain kami sa labas, hehe.

    Sige, I will join sa contest mo to show my support 🙂 Maganda yong theme eh. Gusto ko yang ganyang contest na kelangan kong mag-isip at magsulat 😉 Sana di ako maabutan ng deadline before magawa yan, LOL! I will visit you back later tonight to publish a comment. Di pako nakakapag-bloghop eh.

    Ok lang ako dito, kaw dyan, musta na ang buhay may-asawa? 😉


  7. Surely your mom’s looks will improve after the face lift session.

    I love your food.


    Lainybelle Reply:

    @Eric Graham Conversion Doctor,

    I hope so. Thanks for the visit and the comment.

    See you around!


  8. wow! parang enjoy na enjoy ka sis..
    Visiting from Wednesday White from entry #26! Have a nice day..

    You might want to join Orange Tuesdays open from Tuesday to Saturday.


    Lainybelle Reply:

    @Iris by Shengkay,

    Sobrang enjoy sa cam whoring? Di ba halata? LOL!


  9. Lovely photos congrats for the baby visiting via OT .. and i’m your new follower.


    Lainybelle Reply:


    Thanks for the follow. I shall follow you back later when I get back from work.

    See yah!


  10. it was indeed well spent! ang cute ni baby, at ang sexy ni mommy!!

    My Photo Meme Blog


    Lainybelle Reply:


    Hey Emz. Thanks for the compliment but just a little bit of correction. I am the Tita Mom, not the biological Mom of the baby, LOL!


  11. Hi Lainy!
    Haven’t dropped by here that frequently but I think you’ll see more of me here more often from now on. Enjoyed reading your posts. I like your so called worn out sneakers. It’s cute, likewise with the sexy body!
    BRB! See yah!


  12. What a busy week. What’s the name of your subordinate, Lainy? She’s a beauty too. Nagutom ako sa mga food. Just in time, almost 11. Have to get some food.


  13. Sobrang busy nga talaga but the good thing is you still have the time to visit your Morning Dew. Ibang klase ang energy na binibigay ng mga babies. One month old na pala si Xyle? Parang kailan lang.

    Good luck sa tourney mo sis. Praying for your victory.

    By the way, you have such a nice body. Inggit ako… Hehehe

    Take care always. Mwah!


  14. Love to feel the rush of your weekend Len. Busy but still everything is in perfect place.

    Here’s visiting late for WW and wishing you luck for your tournament. 🙂


  15. Hapit pud ko diri kadali sis…. Bella is sick right now and we are praying for her fast recovery para sad mag enjoy sya sa iyang birthday ugma.

    Kung taas gihapon iyang fever ugma makasayo jud mi adto hospital for her lab tests. Please help us pray for her healing….


  16. Wow, that is a big baby and just a month old:)

    Visiting from WW!! Hope you can visit em too..


  17. What fun photos! Enjoy yout trip!…Christine


  18. congrats on being an Aunt, your nephew is adorable. They grow up so fast. I love your Sketchers sneakers. Good in the gym, hope you get the body you wanted. By the way, you look great Sis Lainy. Thank you for sharing those pretty pictures again.Dropping some love for Wednesday whites, hope that you can return the favor too.


  19. sus, muingon na unta ko Lainy, hain man ang food nga puro man ni pa sexy…nyahahaha…maygani migawas na si Chowking hehehe. nice imo pic didto sa mirror Lainy, kay sexy kaayo ka. Anyway, visiting from FTF.


  20. a busy weekend indeed, i love your sneaker sis..visiting for Pink Fridays, mine is up at, i hope you could find time to visit and show some love..


  21. hi there! nice to be back here 🙂 missed reading your blog grabe! na-entertain na naman ako heheheh…

    love the sneakers 🙂


  22. I am back again Sis Lainy for Orange Tuesdays 🙂 you are lovely as ever, great pictures. Thank you again for sharing 🙂 keep ’em coming. I hope that you can return the favor too.

    Enjoy your weekend 🙂


  23. loved the pretty bag you have Sis Lainy 🙂 Dropping some love for Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the favor too


  24. Hello Sis!

    This one’s for Pink Friday visit… May sakit pa rin si Bella ngayon… Please help us pray for her speedy recovery…

    Thanks! Have a blessed weekend! Mwah!


  25. Every time i visit your blog lainy, palagi talagang may food (drooling).. anyway ka sexy ba uy, ingon ana ako lawas gahapon Lainy. hehehe when ka mag himu ug ni fafa scotty ug preha ana day lainy hehehe


  26. Hi Sis Lainy thank you so very much for the sweet comments you left in my blogs. I do appreciated it too and I mean any message I left in your blogs 🙂 Here I am again dropping some love for FTF 🙂 hope that you can return the favor too 🙂 All the foods here are very delish 🙂 am glad that I had my dinner or else I am drooling again.


  27. Hi ate Lainy!

    I’m so in love with your sketcher shoes! 🙂

    type ko din yung nagpapa practice para sa self-portrait! Magaling ako dyan.. Turuan kita, gusto mo? HAHAHAHAH!

    Salamat ate! ♥


  28. thanks fro joining OT sis!


  29. whoa! what a fun-filled,busy week! I can’t help but drool over Chowking lauriat.. sad that there is no chowking here! where is justice? hahaha.. visiting from WW, Lainy. Thanks for joining again! congrats on being the first honor this week! Weee!


  30. Loved the post and it sounds like you have been extremely busy. Loved all the photos and the food looked so yummy it made me hungry. We have a new restaurant opening up near us (1st Thai restaurant around that is near enough for us to enjoy) and I can’t wait to try it. Have a wonderful week.

    Hugs, LisaKay Belles Roses Romantiques


  31. Haaay at last nakatamak na ko diri! Bahalag late basta naa pay bilin sa pakals. Hahaha. That Skechers shoes– mahala ana oi. I still am not gonna pay for that price kay over $40 japon. Nyahaha. Ang pinakamahal nga shoes nga akong gibayran for myself Sis kay $39 ra jud, which I shall show off (hambog mode, LOL) next time. 😉 Pero nakapalit ko ug mas mahal pa, for the bana though, not for me. Hahaha.

    Si Baby Xyle kay nice kaayo ug name, unya lucky pa jud to have a gorgeous Tita Mom! 😀 One month na no? Dalia ra jud oi.

    Ang self-portrait Sis, you’re getting better at it na. I think! Uu nalang, take it nalang from someone nga di pud kabalo. Hahaha. Seksi na kaayo ka oi! Samot mamingaw si Prince Scotty magtan-aw sa imong hot bod! 😉

    I’m here for my late WW rounds diay. Bahala’g late basta… late pa rin! Nyahaha.

    Lamp Posts and Philippine Flag
    Sheriff’s Mug


  32. Sporty chic kaayo! 🙂

    Balik ko diri for PF. Mao pud ni akong daghan entries: Lol.

    Little Traveler in Iowa Rest Area
    Dora Watch for the Good Girl!
    Last Blooms in the Fall
    JB Handbag


  33. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Blue Monday!


  34. You’ve been busy! 🙂

    I played too. Mine is here.


  35. I like all your comfy outfits here Sis Lainy. I can the real you 🙂 Nothing beats the comfy clothes. Dropping some love for Girls Talk, hope that you can return the favor too.


  36. wow. you sure had a busy one! but i think you enjoyed it naman so i think all the going around is worth it ^^


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