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A Birthday Filled With Overflowing Gratitude

I am aware I have been slacking across my blogs. My birthday took place almost four weeks ago and I am only writing about it now. That is indolence at its finest! Hahaha! 😂 I have learned to ditch the excuses. It doesn’t really matter now as I don’t have a crowd nor a readership to please anyway. But in case you’re interested to know, I might just talk more about it in my next post. 😜

My birthday came and went in a flash! I got stuck with 25 as you may very well know it. But who knows? This might be the last year as I get bored and tired of that number too you know.  😂😂😂

Well, it was very hectic. Our original plan was to go for a coastal walk; I had been wanting to do this for the longest time! When my husband asked me what I wanted to do on my birthday, I saw it as an opportunity to get this done. 😂

But he had his own way of surprising me even before then. A bouquet of long-stemmed roses was delivered three days before my big day while I was working from home. I was speechless! And I thought that was about it. I got the surprise of my life when at the stroke of midnight, he asked me to go down to the kitchen saying that he heard some “funny noises” and requested me to check on it. It was quite strange for the man of the house to be asking me that. I felt something was amiss right there and then! When I came down, I felt so touched and teary because he made all the effort of arranging the dining table with my birthday cake and card on it. How lucky can I get? I had never even noticed him doing all of it while I was busy upstairs getting some things done for another event that I was organizing in the Philippines.

Please note that I had all these documented in photo and video forms but I am just too lazy to refine the photographs with their corresponding watermarks.

On my birthday itself, I thought it was going to be foiled by a bad weather as initially forecasted. But it turned out to be a pretty day! We started the day rather late because we were mostly waiting for the rain that never came. Lol! 😂

We braved the hot, humid day. That’s not me. If I was in the Philippines, I’d hail a trike or use an umbrella to avoid the scorching heat of the sun. Ha! Ha! 😂 However, we made sure we were protected by rubbing off some sunscreen all over our exposed skin.


We took “the most famous, most walked track in Sydney- no question and for good reasons.” It’s very easy to get to and passes between two of Australia’s best-known beaches, Bondi and Bronte. We made Bronte as our starting point for easy parking access.

 photo IMG_5399.png

 photo IMG_5185.png

It was a 6- kilometer walk, two- way for a minimum duration of 2 hours. It took us longer than that as we had our toddler along with us. My husband had to carry the pram every now and then each time we had to go down or up the steps. It was a tiring day for him!

 photo IMG_5398.png

But it was an entirely leisurely stroll that’s perfect for families. The path is mostly sealed with the exception of some rocky patches, and a steep set of stairs. The highlights of the walk were the coastal cliffs, views of iconic Sydney beaches, historic beach baths, and the Sculptures by the Sea. We were told this is also the best spot that gets visited by celebrities. We were too engrossed with our walk that we never spotted one.

 photo IMG_5401.png

 photo IMG_5186.png

 photo IMG_5400.png

 photo IMG_5188.png

It was a total delight and pleasure to have witnessed the beauty of nature on my birthday itself.

 photo IMG_5187.png

Everytime I celebrate my birthday, it is ruled by my heart- I feel it from the very core of my being- it is a whole year’s worth of overflowing gratitude, faith, hope, optimism, support, love, and friendship.

 photo IMG_5183.png

I thank God for the tiniest bit of blessings that I truly do not deserve but He has graciously bestowed unto me and my entire family.

Indeed, every waking hour is a gift and I am grateful beyond words!

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It’s Been Too Long; It’s Good to Catch Up

I had this post sitting in my draft but had been procrastinating like I always do. Then came the bug that had me drained off my energy. So there goes my indolence story. Lol! 😂

Going back to this post, the feeling of frustration and disappointment was real when my supposed meet up with Neya did not materialize. She is my high school schoolmate and a Uni classmate in our Political Science class. I literally know her for more than half of my life! It was planned ahead yet bummed to the core. I eventually got over it after some time.

On a much happier note, a rendezvous took place two weeks ago at the streets of Sydney. It was one of those abrupt let’s-do-it-now thingy. In short, it was never planned.

Dorvin was an elementary and high school classmate and a schoolmate in the University. It was very interesting to note that we went to the same school all our lives! He reminded me of the person I once was!!!

When I learned he was coming over to Australia for a work-related trip, I wasn’t expecting we were ever going to meet up. Sydney was not originally included in his itinerary. But for some reason, he touched down to Sydney on a weekend.

It was a Monday when he confirmed he can take time to meet me. The closest place that was most convenient for me to meet him up was at the Central- it was only 3 minutes away by train from where I work.

 photo image_32.png

He was late for 30 minutes so I waited for him at the platform.

But we eventually ended up having lunch at Chinatown which I was not really familiar with; it entailed longer time to track the place down.

 photo image_33.png

Thanks Dorvz for the Yum Cha shout; appreciate it! ☺️

But all’s well that end’s well.

We had a wonderful yum cha experience for lunch; it was only a short catch up.

 photo image_34.png

Happy tummy! ☺️

 photo image_35.png

Yum cha without chicken feet is not complete! 😜

Please take note that we haven’t touched base since our Uni graduation; save for all Facebook updates.

At the very least, I experienced a hit of nostalgia. Meeting up with Dorvin brought an air of youth along with it. It brought memories rushing to the forefront of my mind, allowing me to bask in the warmth.

Nostalgia is a beautiful feeling. It reminded me of the way things once were, the happiness that I experienced growing up, and all the wonder.

The short eyeball with Dorvin allowed me to see the world in a new light. Life seems to become more complicated and more difficult with age. But no, I retract. I will be forever 25. LOL! 😂

Overall, I felt so fascinated with the experience of meeting up Dorvin. Each of us writes our own story and it got me thinking that although many stories have similar beginnings, the middle and the end will differ greatly.

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A Father’s Love in the Eyes of a Wife

Australia celebrates Father’s Day every first Sunday of September. It is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate the unique and important role of fathers in every families.

It wasn’t too long ago when my husband had his first taste of fatherhood. Having witnessed it all from Day 1, I must say that he’s doing an exceptionally marvellous job.

Setting modesty aside, my husband looks younger than his age.

 photo image_30.png

The awesome and wonderful Dad of my son 😘

But he aged quite a fair bit after our son was born. He has been a hands-on Dad and being robbed of his normal routines and sleeping patterns were the norm since then. Thus, the increasing wrinkles around his eyes.

He is everything that I prayed for as a father to our son. His kind, gentle but strong demeanor around our little darling boy is something very rare and special. His loving and caring ways towards childrearing is undoubtedly one of a kind.

I feel extremely proud that I married a man who is the best father there is to our firstborn. It is such an honor to have witnessed how he has found his way through all the Daddy duties that he has to perform day in and day out with no complaints. No buts. No ifs.

I still feel amazed at the special bond and interaction between my two boys; it is something that only they can fathom. I can see it by just looking into their eyes.

Our son is still too little to appreciate everything his Dad does for him but he’s got me for a witness, ha! ha! 😂

 photo image_31.png

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! You’re our Boss for the day 😜

Oh how my heart melts with every hug and cuddle he gives, every play time he shares, every moment that he listens patiently and intently to our son’s oohs, aahs, and coos, everytime he perform his fatherly duties with so much love and dedication, everytime he takes a deep breath and sees things from our child’s perspective. He can’t wait to teach him all the appropriate values and virtues so he will grow up to be a decent man and will know how to show up with honor and integrity, and so much more!

My heart swells with pride to celebrate this man I married who is also the awesome father of my son. Life is meaningful and precious because of him. 😘

Happy Father’s Day!

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The Sweet Little Note for Jamie

A little girl from child care made something for Jamie yesterday. She also wrote a short, sweet little note before she handed it over.

I can’t help but smile from ear to ear!

The sweet little note for Jamie

The sweet little note for Jamie

From this sweet little girl

From this sweet little girl

My husband and I were made aware by Jamie’s carer that her two daughters are very fond of Jamie and the two other kids she looks after adore our son so much. He loves playing with them!

He is the smallest so he gets all the attention, Lol!

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Just a Little Leap of Faith

In life, we sometimes take risks- we don’t even know where it will take us. But don’t we all aim for one thing?


To achieve success, it seemed normal to make some sacrifices- big or small. In the face of failures, we continue to push forward and have been motivated by the looming success that we can see right at the very end.

It is something pivotal, life-changing to say the very least. Two essential human emotions that normally keep us going forward or backward are Love and Fear respectively.

These two forces are normally intertwined and must co-exist for one to be superior over the other.

Three and a half years ago, I made the most crucial decision in my life. But prior to that, I had a secured job in the Philippine government and a blogging gig on the side with a not-so-meager income combined to boot. Just enough perhaps to buy myself a knickers and a lippy, Lol! 😂

I had a great circle of friends both online and offline who made my life so colorful and meaningful; they filled my life with so much love, joy, and adventure.

Everything was within my comfort zone: my family and I can dine to any restaurant of our choice at anytime, I can do my morning walks to the City’s Oval Plaza at the break of dawn, worked out like a slave at the gym on my lunchbreaks which was only a stone’s throw away from my work place, play badminton at night time with family, workmates, or pals, go to Church, meet up and malling with friends, window shopping, beach getaways, short trips overseas, etc.

My loving and adoring family was also within reach. We had created so many memories over the years. I was in my most comfortable, happiest state, and most of all, I was where everyone wants me to be- safe.

I was in that status quo when my then fiance and I decided to make the monumental move of processing my visa to Australia. When I look back at it now, everything seemed so tedious, taxing, and full of anxiety and apprehensions. I would often declare my doubts of whether or not I would “fit”; and his answer was always on the affirmative- without a shadow of a doubt!

And true enough I did! But it didn’t take much longer when the feeling of homesickness struck me like a disease! I felt so alone in this foreign place- I felt the pangs of pain in my heart and was terribly missing my comfort zone back home!

I began to doubt myself and the choice I had made.

While I was in the midst of my own doubts and fears, strangely enough, I continued to enrich my human abilities by performing the role of a mother and a wife; I also tried to immerse into the new cultural discoveries in Australia; honing my skills at work by expressing my intent to learn more and furthering my knowledge; my cooking experiments were quite a normal sight in the kitchen (LOL!); and furnishing the tiny home we moved into in the beginning of the year kept me preoccupied as well.   I intend to soothe my racing mind; keep it somehow calm and collected by reviving my blogs therefore blogging to my heart’s content once more. I am aware I have done so less for my blogs, I am not here to justify nor attempt to give any lame excuses. For this bit, pardon my indolence.

Despite the negativities and the initial difficulties, I have reached this far and I am not backing down. It was worth every chaotic moment.

In saying that, I am taking the leap of faith on myself right here and now! I am going to conquer my fears, nurture the things that I love doing, and make it flourish. I am reopening my heart to new possibilities, pushing away the unfounded doubts and apprehensions. I am hopeful that I can find more love and laughter in whatever endeavour I wish to undertake.

In our pursuit for success and happiness, the big stumbling block in most cases is ourselves. Indeed, life is too short and far too precious to be too wrapped up in our own fears, thereby robbing us of the joys that we truly deserve!

Love wins! 😘

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