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A Birthday Filled With Overflowing Gratitude

I am aware I have been slacking across my blogs. My birthday took place almost four weeks ago and I am only writing about it now. That is indolence at its finest! Hahaha! 😂 I have learned to ditch the excuses. It doesn’t really matter now as I don’t have a crowd nor a readership to please anyway. But in case you’re interested to know, I might just talk more about it in my next post. 😜

My birthday came and went in a flash! I got stuck with 25 as you may very well know it. But who knows? This might be the last year as I get bored and tired of that number too you know.  😂😂😂

Well, it was very hectic. Our original plan was to go for a coastal walk; I had been wanting to do this for the longest time! When my husband asked me what I wanted to do on my birthday, I saw it as an opportunity to get this done. 😂

But he had his own way of surprising me even before then. A bouquet of long-stemmed roses was delivered three days before my big day while I was working from home. I was speechless! And I thought that was about it. I got the surprise of my life when at the stroke of midnight, he asked me to go down to the kitchen saying that he heard some “funny noises” and requested me to check on it. It was quite strange for the man of the house to be asking me that. I felt something was amiss right there and then! When I came down, I felt so touched and teary because he made all the effort of arranging the dining table with my birthday cake and card on it. How lucky can I get? I had never even noticed him doing all of it while I was busy upstairs getting some things done for another event that I was organizing in the Philippines.

Please note that I had all these documented in photo and video forms but I am just too lazy to refine the photographs with their corresponding watermarks.

On my birthday itself, I thought it was going to be foiled by a bad weather as initially forecasted. But it turned out to be a pretty day! We started the day rather late because we were mostly waiting for the rain that never came. Lol! 😂

We braved the hot, humid day. That’s not me. If I was in the Philippines, I’d hail a trike or use an umbrella to avoid the scorching heat of the sun. Ha! Ha! 😂 However, we made sure we were protected by rubbing off some sunscreen all over our exposed skin.


We took “the most famous, most walked track in Sydney- no question and for good reasons.” It’s very easy to get to and passes between two of Australia’s best-known beaches, Bondi and Bronte. We made Bronte as our starting point for easy parking access.

 photo IMG_5399.png

 photo IMG_5185.png

It was a 6- kilometer walk, two- way for a minimum duration of 2 hours. It took us longer than that as we had our toddler along with us. My husband had to carry the pram every now and then each time we had to go down or up the steps. It was a tiring day for him!

 photo IMG_5398.png

But it was an entirely leisurely stroll that’s perfect for families. The path is mostly sealed with the exception of some rocky patches, and a steep set of stairs. The highlights of the walk were the coastal cliffs, views of iconic Sydney beaches, historic beach baths, and the Sculptures by the Sea. We were told this is also the best spot that gets visited by celebrities. We were too engrossed with our walk that we never spotted one.

 photo IMG_5401.png

 photo IMG_5186.png

 photo IMG_5400.png

 photo IMG_5188.png

It was a total delight and pleasure to have witnessed the beauty of nature on my birthday itself.

 photo IMG_5187.png

Everytime I celebrate my birthday, it is ruled by my heart- I feel it from the very core of my being- it is a whole year’s worth of overflowing gratitude, faith, hope, optimism, support, love, and friendship.

 photo IMG_5183.png

I thank God for the tiniest bit of blessings that I truly do not deserve but He has graciously bestowed unto me and my entire family.

Indeed, every waking hour is a gift and I am grateful beyond words!

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Fatherhood and What It Really Means

I deemed it appropriate to ask my husband what fatherhood means to him. I’d rather not put words into his mouth thus I felt the need to ask. He briefly retorted that it is an incredible thing.

Being the persistent blogger that I am, I further asked:

“Incredible in what way?”

Getting his perspectives of what fatherhood really meant for him is actually a good idea. However, I personally find it self-serving. There is no way he would speak high and mighty about himself because that’s not just him. My husband is such a low-key, low-profile individual who has got no hang-ups in life. No fuss, no dramas.

So I entirely deviated from what I actually want this post to mean. I feel that I saw all the tranformations that took place when he became a father. I say that because from the day he performed the first nappy change and when he stayed up all night to nurse our then newborn babe, I could not have imagined that he would be so strongly connected, involved, and supportive; but he amazingly is!

From a mother and wife’s perspectives, I saw with my very own eyes and felt from the depth of my heart how fatherhood really meant for my husband. Seeing the beautiful relationship between husband and son unfolding before my very eyes is unmatched!

My  precious gifts!

My precious gifts!

Coming home from work everyday now has a totally bigger meaning and purpose. With all the mundane tasks that he has to perform around the house, fatherhood has definitely sunk in.

He has been a hands-on Dad performing several tasks all for the love of Jamie: changing nappy, changing clothes, washing and sterelising feeding bottles, settling the baby to sleep, and waking up in the middle of the night to feed him when I am too deadbeat to do it.

Apart from that, he wakes up very early in the morning so I could get more sleep, feeding and nursing our baby each time I am preoccupied with other household chores. On top of it all, he has the ability to transform himself into a funny clown when the need arises. When our baby feels bored while watching him wash the dishes, his rare antics, which include doing the Michael Jackson breakdance (LOL!)- would immediately plaster back the smile on Jamie’s face.

He has that very special interaction and connection with our son that I find so rare and special!

My precious boys!

My precious boys!

He is indeed doing a marvellous job looking after me and our adorable bundle of joy. He has done a conscious effort of being there all the way for me as his wife and the mother of his son.

I would have felt so miserable had he not been putting his weight into all these. I am the luckiest because he helps me out in the best way he knows how. Not only does he recognize that his support means a mountain to me but he also finds it imperative that I need time to be alone. “Me” time to reinvigorate me so I’d be ready to face another day. He’d so often volunteered to mind Jamie; prodding me to go out with friends and have a good time. There was an instance where he babysat and out I was with some girls enjoying a videoke marathon. Lol!

This is the kind of man I married two years ago who is now a doting and an incredible father to our adorable son. Both of them are God’s perfect gifts to me. They make my life worth the while!

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My Baby Love’s Crying Fits

I have unashamedly shared my little baby love’s first smiles, oohs, ahhs, coos, and gurgles. This time, please allow me to share how he wails nonstop especially prior to sleeping time.

As we know, babies cry for a variety of reasons. This is their only means of communication to their carers.


In this video image, his Lola tried her best to soothe his tears and exercised her settling skills to no avail. Lola’s dancing and singing prowess went futile! (Note: It’a taking me forever to upload the video at my Youtube Channel. I shall embed the link at a later time once the video has been processed).

Our baby mostly cries when he has reflux episodes, feeling sleepy, hunger pangs, wet nappy, gas pains, and cold weather.


It’s less fuss for him during feeding time because we don’t wait for him to cry before giving him a feed. My husband is extremely good at predetermining the time of milk preparation. As soon as he hears him move quite a bit around the expected feeding time, he immediately prepares to feed him. Crying episodes before sleeping time is usually addressed by tightly cuddling him and singing him to sleep.

My little one can throw such a hissy fit like most babies. It is an incredible challenge for us on how to decode each cries especially that we are brand new parents. It can be truly frustrating but it is a daily learning curve for my husband and I. We immensely enjoy and love the new learning experiences.

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A Happy Birthday It Was for Him

My Prince is a simple man- no fuss, no dramas. So when I asked him a week before his birthday what he wants to do for that special day, he simply retorted:

“Just at home and have a feast over McDonalds for dinner.”

And he saw me rolling my eyes! I can only mutter:

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

I knew for a fact that our weekends had always been pretty loaded. Sometimes, we only wanna stay home and do nothing. But because both of us are working, we only have the precious weekends to do things together. So I completely understood if he only wanted a simple and relaxing celebration of his birthday where there’s peace and quiet.

It did not take a lot of convincing to opt for something “buffet” and not McDonalds. I only had to give so much emphasis that it was a Friday and a long weekend at that with the Queen’s birthday falling on a Monday and it’s a Public Holiday. That meant a sleep-in the next day.


We then both agreed to have it somewhere close. Buffet or “Eat-All-You-can” in the nearby restaurant came in very handy for the both of us. We had to directly go there straight after work. I did not even had a chance to take a refreshing shower. But because time is precious, we had to make do with the hurried arrangement.

Unknown to my husband, I bought a birthday cake for him which was revealed when he fetched me at the train station. Well, I simply had no choice. I can’t hide the box anywhere else.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

I had to ask permission to leave work earlier so I can catch an earlier train. I was apprehensive that the cake would be such a big mess after the train ride, so leaving work earlier than normal was my solution to avoid congestion. Did I say I have an amazing Boss? He had no qualms in approving my request to leave work 45 minutes earlier and even extended his birthday greetings to my husband.

As it’s buffet, we were expecting to be seated just anywhere.

Influx of patrons on a Friday night

Influx of patrons on a Friday night

However, it was a lucky night as we got a reserved table where patrons did not show up. We were perfectly seated at a spot where we had a slightest bit of privacy 🙂

Buffet Dinner

Buffet Dinner

It was a night loaded with various cuisines. Buffet captures shall be published at My Bits and Bites. After eating what our bellies fancied at the buffet, it was time for the birthday boy to blow his candles and of course for us to sing him the “Happy Birthday Song.” This time around, I made sure I captured it on video.

From here on, I shall let the photos speak for itself of how the night went on for My Prince’s nth birthday 🙂

For posterity sake ;-)

For posterity sake 😉

Just about ready to blow the candles on his cake

Just about ready to blow the candles on his cake

Cake loaded with candles, LOL!

Cake loaded with candles, LOL!

Cutting of the cake

Slicing of the cake

The wifey with the birthday boy ;-)

The wifey with the birthday boy 😉

I promised to give him extra hugs that night. How sweet! ;-)

I promised to give him extra hugs that night. How sweet! 😉

True to my promise!

True to my promise!

With my lovely MIL

With my lovely MIL

Wrapping up the night with a pose

Wrapping up the night with a pose

My husband received the following cards:





From the Philippines with Love

From the Philippines with Love

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It was a very simple birthday celebration for a very simple man that is my husband.

When I think about it, I have always looked forward to celebrating our birthdays together. It seemed so surreal that we could do it together now; finally after the long haul.

I look forward to more birthday celebrations with my Prince. I wish him all the best this world has got to offer. In prayer, I constantly ask God to manifest His abundant blessings in our union as we sojourn together.

Note: This post had been sitting on my draft for three long months. I only managed to go through it now and finally hit the publish button.

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My Husband’s Aversion to Cameras

My husband has an incredibly strong aversion to publicity- pictures, videos, name it, he hates it. But having known him for several years when I was at the height of blogging, I guess he realized just a tad bit that he can never get away from exposures to social media or my blogs especially so when this blog was dedicated to document “Our Journey to Forever” (this blog’s old title) since 2007.

He encourages me to blog my absolute best and motivates me to spend more time to blog whenever I can because he knows blogging is a hobby that I love doing. I haven’t been blogging with gusto because time and energy had always been scarce. I admit I am a failure in this aspect. But I still make sure I do if only to chronicle some of the things that I remember.

He doesn’t read my blogs but I make sure he gets to read some posts before or after publication. Sometimes he would warn me of the photos that are not for public consumption- i.e. bad angles of photos of him showing a bulging tummy and the like.

He gets caught a couple of times evading his personal paparazzi that is his wife but more often than not, he is just too good and I end up an epic fail in getting good and decent captures of him in the form of pictures and videos.

Today was one of the many occasions where he was trying to cheer me up and turned out comical like he always does. I suddenly decided to turn my video on but he was too quick to realize it. I didn’t even come close to getting a “decent” video.

As soon as he made me stopped videoing, he won’t let his defenses down. He was very hesitant to set foot in the spare room where I was all set up to get another video of him. He can only poke his head and step back. LOL!

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