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A Birthday Filled With Overflowing Gratitude

I am aware I have been slacking across my blogs. My birthday took place almost four weeks ago and I am only writing about it now. That is indolence at its finest! Hahaha! 😂 I have learned to ditch the excuses. It doesn’t really matter now as I don’t have a crowd nor a readership to please anyway. But in case you’re interested to know, I might just talk more about it in my next post. 😜

My birthday came and went in a flash! I got stuck with 25 as you may very well know it. But who knows? This might be the last year as I get bored and tired of that number too you know. ย 😂😂😂

Well, it was very hectic. Our original plan was to go for a coastal walk; I had been wanting to do this for the longest time! When my husband asked me what I wanted to do on my birthday, I saw it as an opportunity to get this done. 😂

But he had his own way of surprising me even before then. A bouquet of long-stemmed roses was delivered three days before my big day while I was working from home. I was speechless! And I thought that was about it. I got the surprise of my life when at the stroke of midnight, he asked me to go down to the kitchen saying that he heard some “funny noises” and requested me to check on it. It was quite strange for the man of the house to be asking me that. I felt something was amiss right there and then! When I came down, I felt so touched and teary because he made all the effort of arranging the dining table with my birthday cake and card on it. How lucky can I get? I had never even noticed him doing all of it while I was busy upstairs getting some things done for another event that I was organizing in the Philippines.

Please note that I had all these documented in photo and video forms but I am just too lazy to refine the photographs with their corresponding watermarks.

On my birthday itself, I thought it was going to be foiled by a bad weather as initially forecasted. But it turned out to be a pretty day! We started the day rather late because we were mostly waiting for the rain that never came. Lol! 😂

We braved the hot, humid day. That’s not me. If I was in the Philippines, I’d hail a trike or use an umbrella to avoid the scorching heat of the sun. Ha! Ha! 😂 However, we made sure we were protected by rubbing off some sunscreen all over our exposed skin.


We took “the most famous, most walked track in Sydney- no question and for good reasons.” It’s very easy to get to and passes between two of Australiaโ€™s best-known beaches, Bondi and Bronte. We made Bronte as our starting point for easy parking access.

 photo IMG_5399.png

 photo IMG_5185.png

It was a 6- kilometer walk, two- way for a minimum duration of 2 hours. It took us longer than that as we had our toddler along with us. My husband had to carry the pram every now and then each time we had to go down or up the steps. It was a tiring day for him!

 photo IMG_5398.png

But it was an entirely leisurely stroll that’s perfect for families. The path is mostly sealed with the exception of some rocky patches, and a steep set of stairs. The highlights of the walk were the coastal cliffs, views of iconic Sydney beaches, historic beach baths, and the Sculptures by the Sea. We were told this is also the best spot that gets visited by celebrities. We were too engrossed with our walk that we never spotted one.

 photo IMG_5401.png

 photo IMG_5186.png

 photo IMG_5400.png

 photo IMG_5188.png

It was a total delight and pleasure to have witnessed the beauty of nature on my birthday itself.

 photo IMG_5187.png

Everytime I celebrate my birthday, it is ruled by my heart- I feel it from the very core of my being- it is a whole year’s worth of overflowing gratitude, faith, hope, optimism, support, love, and friendship.

 photo IMG_5183.png

I thank God for the tiniest bit of blessings that I truly do not deserve but He has graciously bestowed unto me and my entire family.

Indeed, every waking hour is a gift and I am grateful beyond words!

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All Things Fall Into Place

The bliss of parental leave is over and I had officially reentered the workforce last week. On my first day, I had to get a hang of things at our new work location.

New work building

New work building

They had to get me set up on my first day as my previous account was disabled. Access to work emails, programs, and facilities were successfully done. There were minor glitches here and there but they were swiftly addressed to by the Service Desk. They had me get up to speed at work in no time.

I was on Parental Leave for close to half a year. The transition period from being the primary carer of my first born to being a full-time working Mum is such a massive challenge. It was also a very emotional time for transition. I am floored by how much I kept thinking of my delicious and beautiful little boy while I was at work and to say that I missed him tremendously is an understatement.

We are blessed that we still got my Mum to render assistance to us for the time being. It kept my mind generally at peace and calm. The big transition is still contained at the moment but once my Mum goes back to the Philippines, that’s when the real big challenge begins. We would have to deal with it sooner or later.

It helped hugely that my new work location is now closer to home. It means less time for travel and more time spent with my family. It’s also flexi-time for me. The most beautiful thing of all is that I can work from home once a week.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 8.47.03 pm

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 8.47.46 pm

That means I can work even on my pajamas and without having the need to take a shower. LOL! Seriously, it is a very important aspect of my job especially now that I have literally embraced to be a full-time working mother head on.

Surprisingly, motherhood changed me in ways I had never anticipated. Suffice it to say that for now, my goal is to create a balance in every aspect of our family life for the welfare and best interest of our first born. It will never be easy but “Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason (Albert Schweitzer).โ€

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Thanksgiving: A Richer and Fuller Experience

Our Church recently had our Mid-Year Anniversary Thanksgiving. It was highly anticipated by our little family.

It’s the first Thanksgiving by our little man. I felt the excitement. It’s not only a milestone for him but also for us as his doting parents.

After the Children's Thanksgiving Worship Service

After the Children’s Thanksgiving Worship Service

It’s even more special because his Grandma, who’s my lovely Mum, was with us to take part in the event.

With the lovely Lola and handsome Dad

With the lovely Lola and handsome Dad

I think she’s even more excited than me to see her adorable grandson all geared up for Church Thanksgiving. As a matter of fact, she made sure the little boy had outfit rehearsals TWICE! ๐Ÿ˜‰



No Extraordinary Day
But it is more than just the physical attributes; it is not about how grand were the prepared outfits and how lavish the meal prepared on that day. Believe me, we were not dressed in our grandeur and there was nothing special laid out on the table but our hearts felt the joy. It was indeed no extraordinary day! It is more importantly about sharing a special day of Thanksgiving with our family.

Thanksgiving is a special time to celebrate God’s glorious blessings that flowed to His Church and His people. It is a holy occasion. It is essentially about giving praises and honor to our one and only God. It is also about consistency on how we offer ourselves in Thanksgiving. This gratitude did not come in the form of reverie; it is a constant part of our very beings- a richer and fuller experience than I ever imagined it could be.

In Thanksgiving: The Birth of Our Son
Thanksgiving celebration is not without valid and solid reasons. If not for God’s love, mercy, and grace; we would not have been able to celebrate this holy occasion as a family.

Our little family

Our little family

The birth of our son is truly God’s wonderful and precious gift to us.


My little man

My lovely boys

My lovely boys

My son and I

My son and I

He is fully wrapped in God’s magnificent and beautiful masterpiece. He is absolutely more than we have hoped and prayed for.

My adorable son

My adorable son

As I look at my son with extreme fondness and love, my heart could not help but melt!

Mother and son

Mother and son

God’s miraculous hand is indeed awesome! It is more than enough reason to celebrate the real expression of overflowing gratitude and return back all the glory to Him for His infinite kindness and blessings that were unnumbered.

Thank you!
It is also the perfect time to thank all the people who have richly touched our lives in one way or the other.

With some friends at Church

With some friends at Church

The trivial, small, and massive encounters were hugely treasured. Their presence in our lives were powerful. In the face of countless challenges and adversities, they stood by us without hesitation. We thank the Lord for placing them into our lives!

From our home to yours, Happy Anniversary Thanksgiving!

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We Prayed, He Answered: We Are Pregnant!

It is with great excitement and joy that my better half and I share with you all God’s loving grace and mercy- we are expecting our first child! Finally, our home will be growing by two little feet early next year ๐Ÿ™‚

Mummy and Daddy To-Be

Mummy and Daddy To-Be

We can assure you that this beautiful news being withheld up to this very moment has been nothing more than us protecting what is most sacred and precious- a new life that beats and was far from reaching its 12-week milestone.

Thanks to our family and friends who have respected our privacy over the past crucial weeks; allowing us the privilege and honor every couple deserves- to share the wonderful news ourselves. It is such a beautiful and special moment and we couldn’t be any happier!

To our prayer warriors, thank you so much! Your prayers meant so much to our family especially in my most fretting moments. To those special people who have shared our wonderful highs and subterranean lows, we are grateful for having you in our lives!

We give back all the glory, honor, and praises to our Lord God Almighty for bestowing in us this precious gift of life. For this child we prayed; and the Lord has granted us what we asked of Him (I Samuel 1:27). Indeed, prayers can move mountains and He has made all things possible!

Photo Credit: Bregie

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One Month Off Work is Officially Over

My month-long holiday had come and gone. It was fairly quick and I felt like I did not really achieve anything except that I got the much needed sleep and rest that I desired. At first, I felt bewildered of what I am gonna do- do we go see some new places, fix my closet, iron out clothes, explore my new Macbook, blog with gusto, etc? But everything is just so overwhelming and one month went by so fast! I hardly completed those things in my to-do list. Sleeping-in and rolling in bed at any time of the day was the norm and that was pretty much it. I believe that’s one of the power of timeoffs- just do anything you want at anytime. It’s quite liberating! It was not surprising at all to put on some weight while I was on a relaxing fit for one whole month. I felt so good!

But lo and behold!

There were days when I felt crap. I can not put into words how exactly it felt but it definitely was not welcome especially when I was only trying to enjoy the limited time off work. My husband swiftly found a rustic remedy to that by surprising me with a bouquet of flowers one afternoon. It certainly brightened up my crappy world! He knows how to cheer me up and lighten up my mood. He is simply the sweetest!

A simple act of love made me the happiest wifey

A simple act of love made me the happiest wifey

Just as how quickly it began was the quick ending of it all. I went back to work last week. Boy was I not looking forward for it! Although it’s now spring in our neck of the woods- which means it is getting a lot warmer than what it was in winter- we still get that brutal chills in the mornings. I had to slowly get my rhythm back prior to going back to work.

You see, I had to get up a at 5am or 5:30am at the latest. That’s just too early for me!!! Well, as compared to my waking-up routine back in the Philippines, it certainly is! But then again, my body clock got used to it after some time ๐Ÿ™‚ I just had to hit the sack earlier than I should to compensate for getting up early otherwise I’d feel like a zombie. LOL!

Anyhow, I survived the first week at work. I felt touched that my husband led a very heartfelt and soulful prayer just before we left home on my first day going back to work. I haven’t actually thought about it but the gesture made me feel so proud of him! I’ve got a husband who entrusts everything to God- he prayed for our safe journey to and from work and for God to provide all the mental and physical strengths that I so need.

On Tuesday, I had a nasty headache and my husband went to the trouble of picking me up at work; he wouldn’t allow me to catch the bus and the train. He had to combat the traffic which was at its peak at the time; it took him 3 long hours all for the love of me. I truly appreciate him for doing that sacrifice. Except for the sores and aches all over my body, I made it. Thanks to my Prince who served as my official masseur at night. The gentle and loving touch was very relaxing and comforting; I felt alright after that.

Thank God for a wonderful and amazing husband like mine! Love absolutely never felt this good! ๐Ÿ™‚

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