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That’s Our Boy!

We had our son’s 18-month needle yesterday. Each time he is scheduled for this, it is met with a little bit of apprehension. However, if we should take it as a fairly positive sign and warning, he did not cry at all when he got his 12-month needle.

The 18-month vaccination is performed to fight against diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis (whooping cough), measles, mumps, rubella and varicella (chickenpox) (MMRV).

We let our son get a pretty good nap before we headed off to the Medical Centre. It was not too busy so it was a good timing for us to come at that hour.

 photo IMG_0357.png

One of those quiet and rare moments where he’s sitting like a Boss, hahaha!

Our son was all over the place; he simply can’t sit still!!! He loves walking around, poking his face at other people’s spaces and giving them a big grin or laugh. He’s quite a sociable little fella!

 photo IMG_0352.png

Walking around the Medical Centre

 photo IMG_0351.png

I told yah he can’t sit still!

I had to constantly run after him and his Dad had to keep him entertained.

 photo IMG_0384.png

Mummy chasing after this little fella!

 photo IMG_0354.png

Dad was keeping him entertained

 photo IMG_0355.png


When our son’s name was called, they had to weigh him in and had to also take his height measurements.

 photo IMG_0356.png

He lost some weight when he got sick for two weeks but he is still on the normal range

 photo IMG_0349.png

Some cms taller :-)

My husband was expecting him to have a crying fit when the vaccination was performed because he thought that our little boy would now be more aware of his surroundings at 18 months, hence the pain would have made him scream and cry. But on the contrary, we were the proudest parents as he pulled up such a strong demeanour after two pokes were performed on both arms- no complaints, no tears, no nothing.

 photo IMG_0348.png

Such a tough little boy!

He’s such a tough boy! We were very impressed with him! After the procedure, as if nothing had happened. My husband can’t help but quip:

“I had never seen a child so happy after being poked”!

That’s our boy!

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Weekend Special #11: Jamie is Love

I haven’t had the chance to publish as much update as I want to but as I previously mentioned, I will do my best to update at least once a week across my blogs- it could be a Wednesday or over the weekend; depending on my availability.

This weekend is rather special; it is Jamie’s second Anniversary Thanksgiving in the Church. I spent my time last week shopping for a nice and presentable outfit for him for this ocassion. After so much fuss and dramas (I will write a separate post on this), my husband and I were quite happy with our choice.

As uploading photos will take too much of my time and will also take up too much space on my webhost, I opted to compile some photos from today in one short trailer video.

Have fun watching! 😘

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Jamie, Our Miracle Baby: My Birth Story

This time last year, at 12:14 high noon, I gave birth to our firstborn, Jamie. My birth story should have been told a year before but stories like these never really grow old, don’t they?

Today, I felt the sudden surge of mixed emotions; but topping them all is the feeling of gratitude. I decided to pen this down with no intention of recalling the horror story of my struggles and pains while on labor; but rather, to recollect what a beautiful miracle I had been given since Jamie was born.

I will not sugarcoat. Going back, it was not an easy journey because of hypertension issues pre-pregnancy. I had to be closely monitored especially towards the end of the 3rd trimester. As I went in for my 34th- week regular check at the Ambulatory Clinic, my blood pressure had a sudden spike which alarmed the Doctor on duty. So I was strictly advised to be confined in the hospital until further notice.

I was forced to file my Maternity Leave at work two weeks earlier than originally planned because the Doctors could not give me a definite day of discharge. That meant it was a leave without pay for 4 weeks; not until the baby was born! They had to keep me in the hospital and take a close watch on every single thing; looking for every possible sign of eclampsia, a deadly complication of pregnancy when one suffers from a relatively high blood pressure.

I can still vividly recall, one Doctor admonished that if I was to give birth on my 35th week, it wouldn’t be so much of an issue. But I was told that it would be better if I could hold the baby in until 37 weeks.

I can’t believe my good fortune! I reached 38 weeks and 1 day! I couldn’t wait for much longer!!! I felt like I had been pregnant forever! I was getting heavier each day! I walked like a penguin! The painful pressure was almost unbearable towards the end!

My birth plan was vaginal birth. I was reassured that despite my hypertension issues, it should be fine as an epidural shall be administered which helps in keeping the blood pressure low.

I feel the need to emphasise that I have a very low pain threshold. I even had to wear a gas mask just to be able to bear the excruciating pain of an internal examination! It was THAT bad! It was a very traumatic experience for me!

I was scheduled for induction early morning of 16 March 2015.

While preparing for my induction, 7am of 16 March 2015

While preparing for my induction, 7am of 16 March 2015

With my mother, giving endless love, support and encouragement

With my mother, giving endless love, support and encouragement

All set for the induction procedure

All set for the induction procedure

But everything didn’t go as planned. I felt the onslaught of labor; I was 3cm dilated when I screamed: “After this, I won’t be able to bear the intense pain anymore!!!” I felt so desperate for any type of relief. And that’s when the Anaesthesiologist administered the epidural. It felt heaven after that! I was so impressed that I was all set to push!

But Jamie got distressed! His heartbeat slowed down; the Doctors declared they needed to do an emergency caesarian. I had to quickly sign a waiver before they wheeled me into the theatre. Everything happened so swiftly! In a matter of less than 30 minutes, Jamie was out.

Jamie at birth

Jamie at birth

But we didn’t hear him cry at all. I felt numb; my world stopped when the doctor came over to me and explained: “Your baby’s not breathing; we need to quickly bring him in to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).” I was dumbfounded! I was lost for words! All I knew was that I blankly stared at my husband’s eyes while he was holding my hands so tightly! After a few minute interval since the Doctor spoke to me, I heard Jamie; he cried so hard like there’s no tomorrow. I felt the tears streaming down my cheeks!!! The feeling was indescribable!

After the heart-stricken moment, I learned from my husband that the Doctors instructed him to stay with our baby in the Special Care Unit as I will fare just fine on my own. He will never forget when he had the first glimpse of Jamie- he was all blue!!! And he wasn’t breathing! It is such a huge miracle to have Jamie in our lives despite the traumatic ordeal on the day he was born.

My husband takes pride in the fact that he was the first one that Jamie saw. He kept repeating it to me.

Daddy with precious JAmie

Daddy with precious JAmie

Jamie had to stay in the Special Care Unit of the hospital for 24 hours. I had to be wheeled in to where he was so I can breastfeed him every 2 hours. It felt surreal holding him in my arms! I soaked and basked in the glorious moments of Jamie in my arms at last!

My precious, sweet little darling boy

My precious, sweet little darling boy

After giving birth to my precious son, I still had to be closely monitored by the hospital personnel for any possible symptoms of eclampsia and infection. We felt “trapped” for 2 weeks and 1 day in the hospital but I must say it helped tremendously for my speedy recovery- but I will have to admit that my recovery has been rough.

Eventhough my birth story didn’t unfold exactly as I imagined it to, it is a very positive experience and it taught me many things. Our story is one I will be forever grateful for and immensely proud of. After all, it brought the sweetest baby boy into our lives and that is all that mattered to us in the end, no matter how he came into this world. We love him to pieces and can’t imagine life without him.

Today, we look back on that same day last year with so much gratitude. Parenthood has its ups and downs; hills and hurdles. It is actually never-ending. But I take a little pause to count every single blessing that we have. We thank our awesome God for this beautiful gift of life He has given us. I thank Him for our lives, for giving me a family to love and be loved by them. I could not thank Him enough for giving us Jamie. He’s a cheerful, adorable baby boy that’s keeping our world go round. He is the main source of our joys; the primary reason why we keep thriving despite life’s challenges.

Happy 1st birthday, my precious son! May you grow up into a young fine, decent man- just like your Daddy. We love you to the moon and back!!!

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It’s a Jamie-Free Kind of Day

Being brand new parents, it’s quite hard to find a time just to be on our own- Mum-and-Dad time. If my recollection is right, the last time we had it was on our wedding anniversary; we still had my pretty Mamang to mind Jamie at the time so we were able to enjoy a cozy dinner date.

In October last year, I impulsively booked a lunch reservation unsure if we can have another Jamie-Free day. Luckily, my MIL did not mind at all babysitting Jamie. As a matter of fact, she enjoyed minding him. So this was the second time my husband and I had the chance to enjoy each others’ company post-baby.

We had a full day. I guess it’s better to just watch the video that I made as it encapsulated everything that transpired for that special day. I feel too lazy to write, LOL! There was no occasion to celebrate but it was a good time to rekindle the bonds as a married couple.

It must be noted though that we both suffered from separation anxiety so we had to make do with watching Jamie’s videos during the entire train ride on our way home.

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Fatherhood and What It Really Means

I deemed it appropriate to ask my husband what fatherhood means to him. I’d rather not put words into his mouth thus I felt the need to ask. He briefly retorted that it is an incredible thing.

Being the persistent blogger that I am, I further asked:

“Incredible in what way?”

Getting his perspectives of what fatherhood really meant for him is actually a good idea. However, I personally find it self-serving. There is no way he would speak high and mighty about himself because that’s not just him. My husband is such a low-key, low-profile individual who has got no hang-ups in life. No fuss, no dramas.

So I entirely deviated from what I actually want this post to mean. I feel that I saw all the tranformations that took place when he became a father. I say that because from the day he performed the first nappy change and when he stayed up all night to nurse our then newborn babe, I could not have imagined that he would be so strongly connected, involved, and supportive; but he amazingly is!

From a mother and wife’s perspectives, I saw with my very own eyes and felt from the depth of my heart how fatherhood really meant for my husband. Seeing the beautiful relationship between husband and son unfolding before my very eyes is unmatched!

My  precious gifts!

My precious gifts!

Coming home from work everyday now has a totally bigger meaning and purpose. With all the mundane tasks that he has to perform around the house, fatherhood has definitely sunk in.

He has been a hands-on Dad performing several tasks all for the love of Jamie: changing nappy, changing clothes, washing and sterelising feeding bottles, settling the baby to sleep, and waking up in the middle of the night to feed him when I am too deadbeat to do it.

Apart from that, he wakes up very early in the morning so I could get more sleep, feeding and nursing our baby each time I am preoccupied with other household chores. On top of it all, he has the ability to transform himself into a funny clown when the need arises. When our baby feels bored while watching him wash the dishes, his rare antics, which include doing the Michael Jackson breakdance (LOL!)- would immediately plaster back the smile on Jamie’s face.

He has that very special interaction and connection with our son that I find so rare and special!

My precious boys!

My precious boys!

He is indeed doing a marvellous job looking after me and our adorable bundle of joy. He has done a conscious effort of being there all the way for me as his wife and the mother of his son.

I would have felt so miserable had he not been putting his weight into all these. I am the luckiest because he helps me out in the best way he knows how. Not only does he recognize that his support means a mountain to me but he also finds it imperative that I need time to be alone. “Me” time to reinvigorate me so I’d be ready to face another day. He’d so often volunteered to mind Jamie; prodding me to go out with friends and have a good time. There was an instance where he babysat and out I was with some girls enjoying a videoke marathon. Lol!

This is the kind of man I married two years ago who is now a doting and an incredible father to our adorable son. Both of them are God’s perfect gifts to me. They make my life worth the while!

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