Tagged Once More!

It has been a rather rough week again. I felt like I am the bride of the wedding I am organizing, LOL! I didn’t even have the time to take a peek at my blogs’ dashboards! Heck! Not that I am complaining but knowing me, I want everything to be in perfect order. I can only hope everything will turn out smoothly on the wedding day itself.

Anyways, I am mostly done with all the wedding invitations. I would usually be awake by 5am and singlehandedly did all the preparation till midnight. Just imagine how backbreaking it was! I am grateful though that folks at work have been helping me out. Thanks Star! πŸ˜‰


This tag has been long overdue. I thank David Funk, Chuchie and Ada for including me in their lists and also for the heartwarming compliments πŸ˜‰

1. Do you think you’re hot?
==> I don’t think I am hot but I think I am c00L! πŸ˜‰

2. Upload a picture or wallpaper that you’re using at the moment.

Up Close & Personal

3)Β Talk about the picture.
==> It’s actually an old collection of photos with different faces of me. I used to have this one as my profile photo at Facebook. I was surprised with the overwhelming comments from pals. I had to take it down and had been replaced with recent ones.

4) When was the last time you ate chicken meat?

==> Last week.

5) The song(s) you listened to recently.

==> Oh man! I’ve been too busy to even remember :(

7) Do you have nicknames? What are they?

==> Yes, I believe we all have one. Lainy was invented by my fiance then Windy modified it into Lainybelle.

8) Tag 8 blog owners

  1. Star
  2. Ally
  3. Recel
  4. Mel Cole
  5. Juliana
  6. Ting
  7. Ivy
  8. Twerlyn

9) Who is your No.1?
==> None other than the Shining Star in my life, LOL! The link provided will say much of why I chose her my No. 1 :-)

10) Say something about No.5
==> Juliana is one of the blogpals I so admire when I was still a newbie. Till this very day, I continue not only as a follower but also a fan :-) To me, she is an epitome of a modern day woman. I wish I could write as eloquently as she does, too.

11) How did you get to know No.3
==> Hmm, I think it’s from EntreCard. Recel has been frequently commenting across my blogs but since she was new to my Dashboard at the time, I never get to return her drops not until she made mention about it in her comments, LOL! I apologized and it was the beginning of a beautiful virtual relationship.

12) How about No.4
==> Ah, that’s got to be Mel πŸ˜‰ She’s a newfound buddy. I like her gentle and friendly ways. She was among one of the last sponsors to have expressed her pledges for the Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary- Gravatar Contest. I look forward to developing such a strong bond with her in the future.

3) Leave a message for No.6
==> Hi Ting. It’s great to know a new blogpal. I hope to meet you in the flesh soon :-)

14) Leave a lovey dovey message for No.2
==> That would be for the birthday celebrant, Ally. How was it, cousin dearie? I hope you had a blast. Can’t wait to see you soon again for Jick’s upcoming wedding. I can’t wait to see you wear the gown. Will definitely show off your lovely curves, hehe πŸ˜‰

15) Does No.7 and No.8 have any similarities?
==> But of course! They both are beautiful and drop dead gorgeous!

16) State 5 things you know about No.1

==> She’s a doting mother to her daughter Lollii and adopted son, Ken Ken. She’s a sweet lover (ask me why, LOL!). A kind sister. A loving daughter. Most of all, she’s a good friend.

17) State the similarity of a goat and cow?
==> They both got horns.

18) How did you feel when you answer the above question?
==> I feel dumb! LOL!

I had fun folks, you better try this one!

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20 responses to “Tagged Once More!

  1. Wow, thanks for tagging me.. Yeah, mine is overdue too and now, with you on my list, time for me to start cracking.. LOL…

    Yes, I hope to meet in flesh too… and soon, I know since June is round the corner… :)

  2. Geeeee! I’ve been tagged with this one by another friend and although I’ve promised her that I’m gonna try doing this, I still haven’t. This time, there’s two of you na Sis so maybe I can gather some time to finally do this. He he he. I had fun reading! I’m smiling when I read the line about me. Presko pa diay japon ang start sa atong virtual friendship kay na-remember pa man nimo. Ha ha ha.

  3. Thanks for the tagged madam lainy. I guess i need to use my rest time to start this wonderful tag of yours!! and thanks also for being your star!! I am one that you can lean on.. luv yah..mhwuaaa…

  4. Hey my dear friend, along with Star, you are selected and featured in this week’s TT – Tuesday Thankfulness… Do check it out and TT for this week is up hence, yeah, take your time and join in.. Hope to see you again!! *HUG*

  5. Pingback: A Schooling Mom's Mutter & Shutter » Blog Archive » Tagged by Emz and Lainy

  6. Sis, gi-overtime-man ko jud ni. Lol. Naa ra, human na. Hehe…

  7. Hahaha, natuwa ako sa mga questions and answers . I think Recel tagged me about this but I haven’t done anything yet. Busy busy galore.

  8. Hello Lainy, sorry for the late visit…nbusy man gud..

    that’s why you were missing sa blogland..u were oganizing a wedding diay. i dont wonder na basta wedding busy jud. Thanks Lain for grabbing th tag…i like your picture here..

    ngkatawa ko sa last nimo nga answer..mkatingala bitaw ang question before ana…hehe

    • Hola Chie. No problemo. It has been a really toxic week. Ani diay basta kaslonon, LOL! Unsaon kay wala may alamag akoang manghod gud sa ani, to the rescue nalang ang Ate, hehe.

      Bitaw ay. Unsang kalabutan sa last question ngadto sa previous questions? Hahahaha! Di nako makita ang sense and relevance, LOL!

  9. phheewitt..u’re hot!!! πŸ˜‰

  10. haha..makalingaw ang answers……nice kaayo mga pose sa pics ah! haha..sexy..twoot..twoot..TY sa visit Lainy..hehe

  11. hala! I can’t stop blushing here. I’m afraid your blog readers will not agree with you (LOL).

    Thanks for the generous compliment and for this meme. As always, I will get to it kahit abutin ang siyam-siyam hahaha.

    • Haha! I am VERY sure they will ALL agree with me Sis, hehe! πŸ˜‰

      You’ve always been an inspiration and I mean it all, hehe.

      Don’t worry Sis. You can do this at your spare time. No deadline to beat πŸ˜‰

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