Windy: Love Him or Hate Him

As I am counting the hours for the Blogoversary Launching of Lainy’s Musings, I can’t help but reminisce the time when I’ve finally met in the flesh the man who had me in awe for his brilliance.

It was in 2008 when I had been an official fan of this brilliant man. I kept stalking his blog Windmill of my Mind. I continue to be amazed at how fast he can write sensible articles. I can’t be a stalker for long so that’s when I started dropping off some comments. Most of his articles were hilarious. Our friendship actually started out with a wheelchair that was for me.

When I thought of celebrating the first birthday of Lainy’s Musings, Lainy’s Hottest Blogoversary Writing Competition: A Bloggers Celebration,  I did not hesitate in asking him for sponsorship. We then were able to constantly talk about my plans for the contest. It was then when he shared some of his brilliant inputs to make the blogoversary a success.

There was no turning back. He has always been a salient part of all my blogoversaries. I solely relied on him for his expertise in digital graphics. He isn’t Vincent Van Gogh’s cousin for nothing 😉

The most unforgettable event finally took place when I’ve finally met him in person. Windy, the Man, was the same jovial person offline.

He kept us all amused the entire time we were with him in Malaysia. Indeed, putting a face into a name was a remarkable experience for me. It isn’t everyday that I get to meet a man I so admire for his intelligence.

Windy is a person who might be misunderstood for notoriously speaking without fear or favor. He isn’t a person who will want to please everybody. You can either love him or hate him but that’s what he is, take it or leave it, LOL!.

Now that he has agreed to become a Principal Sponsor to my brother’s upcoming wedding, he is now officially an important part of my family.

It’s always great to know how relationships can evolve not only behind the blogs but in real life as well. Indeed, the virtual world’s influence is powerful in creating strong camaraderie and bonding between and among blogpals.

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46 responses to “Windy: Love Him or Hate Him

  1. Wow, I would say, Love him.. *LOL*, will be dropping over to check out his blog soon..

    By the way, meant to ask, what is the contest all about??? Yeah, I will definitely be there.. but just could not help but wonder.. *wink*

  2. he is ur hubby now?? :p woot woot! u been to Malaysia! 😀

  3. Oh dear, what can I say….

    Hmmm perhaps a ditty…

    Nobody likes me, Everybody hates me
    Guess I’ll go and eat worms
    Thin, long skinny ones
    Fat, short juicy ones
    See how they wriggle and squirm

    Down goes the first one, down goes the second one,
    Oh how they wiggle and squirm.
    Up comes the first one, up comes the second one,
    Oh how they wiggle and squirm.


  4. You are so lucky to have him as your friend Lainy! That kind of friends is surely for keeps. Have a nice morning :)

  5. ay sus! kala ko hubby mo..buti naman at nagkita din kayo..
    ..really feel good reminscing the past no?..

    oy sali naman ako jan sa contest na iyan eh…mabisita nga..

    mine is up na rin sis..

    • Haha! Kakatuwa naman! Yes we’ve met last year and hope it’s not the last.

      Sure! I would expect your participation in the blogoversary contest. There’s a fabulous pool of prizes that awaits the lucky winners. Cash prize at stake is $305 with more than 70, 000 Credits and a whole lot more! 😉 The biggest of its kind in blogland.

  6. Yes madam lainy, the brilliant man needs to know that there is someone who care and love him.

    For Windy…be happy always and hope to see you again. I am so grateful that we met you in flesh and I am honored that the brilliant man that I afraid before is not what I expect. Your so kind windy and helpful. You are worth to be love and care. For me, you are a very special person that needs to be happy. Have a blessed day and take care always.

    • @ STAR:

      But of course! He is dearly loved and cared for by friends like us.

      I didn’t know you feared him, LOL!

      • hahahah…yes before I feared him.but when I met him in flesh..he is the man that you cant feel any fear if you are beside him. Because he is the most caring man and gentleman. A very kind person. I appreciated him so much Lainy, especially when the time he welcomed me and J in his home. He is truly a genuine person, I salute him!!

    • Oh Gosh! what you say, Ate Vilma confirms that I am an unloved and uncared man.

      I definitely accept any amount of tender loving care, anytime.

      And yes, I am to be feared on the whole but not in the hole.


      • Ohhh..Windy, your such a good friend that we love and care. This is not only comes from my mouth it comes from my dearly heart. Just try to come here in the philippines and stay with us..maybe you will decided not to come back to johor..hehehehe..because you will be around with beautiful and loving ladies…eheheheh

        • Ahem! Ate Vilma,

          When you love and care like that is not friend anymore. It is LOVERS lahhhh. That’s why cums from the mouth and the heart too.

          Now, if I go to the Phlippines, I will meet the beautiful and loving ladies ONLY at the beach. I have ideas what can be done behind the rocks on moonlit night time.

          Stay with us? who us? You don’t mean with Bariles and Gay Company do you? ~ me shivers


  7. Oh kala ko hubby mo hehhe…Happy Nostalgia.

  8. What a friendship you’ve got, Laine. You’re right, seldom you will find a true friend online and you are lucky to have found one. I consider myself lucky too because I too have good friends that I just met online. (“,) And it’s not only online that hypocrites abound, offline too. LOL.

    • You said it, Lynn. Friendships like this is rare. It comes only once in a lifetime. Good to know that your have your own set of real friends.

      Check about the hypocrites. They are everywhere.

  9. Love him! He is brilliant. Became my hero! I will never forget him! I wish and pray that God will give him good health always and many more years on earth!

  10. Love him– his brilliance, genuineness, and so much more! Wow, Sis, moanha siya diha sa GenSan sa kasal sa imo bro? How nice! :)

    • KOREK Sis! Dili sure Sis kung makaanhi sya. Depende pa sa sked sa kasal kay naa pud syay medical review karong April. Kung di sya makaadto, ipa-proxy nalang.

  11. wow, that’s great.. seeing a fellow blogger…. he’s cool looking! was here for nostalgia..

  12. Hehe, akala ko yon fiancee mo tinutukoy mo sis. Such a nice friendship naman …:)

  13. Sorry for my late visit….
    Wow, you have a great friendship with Windy!

  14. how i wish to find friend like him heheh..

  15. sweet…what a wonderful tribute….real friends are rare…labi na dire online….kuyaw ka kay glupag ang Malaysia just to met him…awesome!

    thanks for dropping by my Nostalgia dear…take care!

    • Yes Dhemz. They are gems. Uy! Nagrhyme ata, LOL!

      Haha! I was with two more bloggers at the time,Dhemz. It made the trip all the more fun and truly exciting.

      May you enjoy your weekend in grand style!

  16. Wow, nice to know his background from you Lainy. He helped you to buy a wheel chair? That was sweet of him. My Nostalgia

    • Hmmm. He actually gave me a state-of-the-art wheelchair, Mel. If you’ll click on the link about the wheelchair that was for me, you’ll know the story behind it and how our friendship started :-)

  17. you have found such a beautiful and meaningful friendship in Windy, Lainy, so happy for you. He is such a friend for keeps, and full of wit and humor too. oh, and thanks for sharing your blogversary contest, I was thinking of doing that before for my TJOSL, like a nature post contest, but did not materialize because I did not know how to create rules, I did not have a friend like Windy then :)

    • @Te betchai,

      Indeed he is! I can express so much into words how he had inspired me and motivated me to be the best person I can be but Windy is the person that will stood by a friend no matter what.

      We can brainstorm about that Te Betchai so that we can come up with some brilliant rules for your blogoversary :-)

  18. Hi Windy and Lainy 😀